We Asked Pakistanis About The Weirdest Things They've Done Abroad & The Responses Are Absolutely Nuts

By Biya Haq | 16 Mar, 2019

Uff, Pakistanis abroad…. can’t love ’em and definitely can’t hate ’em


Desi people are wild.

Source: deenga

In most cases, they pretty much throw caution to the wind and play by their own rules when it comes to some of the most basic things. And though maybe while we were growing up, it was a little embarrassing – we all have come to embrace and love our super weird antics as desis.

Everything from trying to haggle at the supermarket to wearing sweaters on the beach, desis know how to live their life the way THEY want and no one can deny that. Of course, there will always be some of us that outdo others and thanks to Twitter, we have all the details.


We asked you guys for some of the weirdest things you’ve seen desis do abroad and lmao, I can’t.


All of these instances are so hilarious and relatable and honestly, I love Desis. Too GOOD.

Source: The Living Picture / YouTube

Source: deenga.com

Source: @allthingspakistanicelebs Via Tumblr

Source: @Pakistanigiphworld Via Tumblr

Via: Deenga

So no matter how cool you think you really are, just wait till you see some Desi getting a pack of naans for less than the asking price probably because the cashier got tired of fighting. Desis do it right, people.

Did we leave out something weird that you may know of? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you, no matter how weird we all are.


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