‘Dare To Be You' Made Me See My True Potential And It’ll Help Unleash Your True Power Too

By MangoBaaz Studio | 10 Aug, 2020

In a world full of books with varying genres, I was looking for something different and unique that could help satiate my craving for reading, while simultaneously help me grow as a productive person. My quest for this ideal book ended when I finally heard about Pakistan’s first English self-development book, ‘Dare To Be You,’ by Shahzad Malik.

‘Dare To Be You’ promised to empower the reader and enable him/her to discover themselves and utilize their true potential

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As soon as the book was delivered to my place, I went through the blurb of the book which explained that this book is about the reader’s journey regarding self-exploration and unlocking their true potential. Intrigued by the description of the book, I started off with the reading process.

The reason that compelled me to choose this book over many others was that in a fast-paced era like this, I felt like I was stuck in an endless loop of my thoughts. I was looking for fulfillment but couldn’t really trace the path on my own and it seemed that this book had all my answers.


Shahzad Malik unveils the intertwined bond between belief, positivity and the outcome produced through his book 

The book starts off with the concept of thoughts and the energy radiated by them. It urges the readers to stay positive because positivity ends up producing results that are far more than expected. The book says, “Every time your heart desires something, tell yourself you can afford it; you are worthy of it.”

Source: daretobeyou.pk


The other key theme introduced by the book revolves around the mind games that weave thoughts into an endless, messy loop

Shahzad Malik suggests that in a case like this when the mind tries to distract us from reality, one should follow the heart. It is basically explained by the author that the sane voice of the heart often gets drowned in the river of the discouraging voices of our thoughts in the head. Finding the right direction becomes a necessity.

The book beautifully states, “The heart is not confused. It knows what it wants and it represents what we feel.”

Source: daretobeyou.pk

The book further talks about how the uncertainty of the future fuels fear and stops one from achieving their targets. Instead of letting the chaotic web of fear engulf you, one should pause for a bit and shed the weight of doubts and fears.

The book laters sheds light on the basic principles that govern the multifaceted issues of life that apply to the nature of human existence

Starting off with the law of cause and effect, the author states, “Whatever I put into the universe is what the universe gives back to me.”

Another golden rule of creation is also discussed by stating, “Remember: the universe is what you make of it.”

Thus the energy reciprocated by an individual is returned by the universe. Apart from these, the author discusses a few other rules and most importantly, explains the right usage of the laws in the best possible way.

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The author explains the concept of happiness and describes the importance of passion and purpose in an individual’s life

The author states that happiness is a choice that can be cultivated and practiced. It is basically said that to reach the peak of happiness, one has to participate in the process by deliberately choosing happiness over other things.

While discussing passion, the book mentions,” What matters is that you’re doing what you love.” It also explains the relationship between passion and purpose by stating, “Your passion begets your purpose.”

Source: daretobeyou.pk

‘Dare To Be You’ by Shahzad Malik emphasizes upon the power of self-belief and the power of being you

It focuses on continuous improvement by preaching that perfection should not be the goal. Instead, improvising every day should be the main task. The book ends by urging the reader to be their own selves, stating, “Believe in yourself! Be yourself unapologetically and go live your life! It’s the only one you have.”

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Crafted as a simple conversation that has a clear and understandable message, the book directly borrows from experiences taken from the author’s life that enable relatability.

You can place an order for this spectacular book from its official website. 

This post is sponsored by Shahzad Malik

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