17 of the Most Important Questions About the Cyber Crimes Bill in Pakistan

By Haadia Paracha | 18 Apr, 2016

Netizens of the country have passed the verdict: Cyber crimes bill is draconian, representative of the stone age and suppresses freedom of speech. The timing is awfully odd, too – what with the certain Panama papers allegations still in the air. We felt the same way when YouTube was banned and that tantrum took five years to resolve.

Just in case there is a future where Cyber Crimes Bill is passed, here are some very important scenarios you need to keep in mind.

So let’s get started:

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1. Let’s start off with the most obvious one, shall we?


2. But what about all the likes on his post?


3. Will this guy be able to live tweet his jail sentence?


4. Can putting up a Sunny Leone wallpaper on your cellphone put you in jail for vulgarity?


5. What if you sent a message to someone by mistake and they complained before you could text them “Sorry, wrong person”?


6. Can you be put in jail if you send a text to your own self without your consent?


7. Can you ask any questions on the internet?


8. Can you breathe after the Bill?


9. Will those with offshore accounts be accountable under the Bill?


10. Can our children even watch Shrek?


11. How will Qandeel Baloch survive?


12. Will Pakistan ever see any tabdeeli?


13. Does the Adiala Jail have 24 hour wifi?


14. Does this tweet qualify as a reason to jail poor NadiaPTI?


Source: Twitter


15. Will we be called Islamic Kingdom of Pakistan?


16. Will we ever understand what Talat Hussain was saying here?


17. Is there any way to not have the Bill pass?


While the cyber crime bill has already been passed in the National Assembly (With less than the desired participation of the quorum, if we may add), the good people of the Senate still have the power to put an end to this madness. As for the rest of us, we can raise our voices and openly condemn the said bill and hope that reason defeats insanity.

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