This Cute Little Pakistani Girl Has Officially Won 2016

This Cute Little Pakistani Girl Has Officially Won 2016

The video of a little Pakistani girl, cute as a button, has been circulating online and let me tell you this: IT GAVE ME LIFE. Not only is it adorable because of how tongue-in-cheek this little human truly is but because it’s so DAMN RELATEABLE.

Kya kertay hein mehmaan aaj kal ke?!?!?!”


Raise your hand and say “aye” if you’ve ever been in a situation where these rando guests have appeared out of nowhere and ruined your plans.

Source: lolthatsme Via: Tumblr
Source: lolthatsme Via: Tumblr

The girl is clearly ruffled by the amount of mehmaans that are flocking her place these days owing to the death of her grandfather, bless his soul. And decides, she’s had it.


That’s when the little munchkin tells you like it is.


And she reaaaaaally gets into the theatrics.

Ending with, “Kya kertay hein mehmaan?

Honestly, a very existential question, that. This little buddy is on to something.


Oh, you bin bulaye mehmaan, please give US A BREAK.

Someone in the background says, “Insaan bhi tou insaan hay

To which she says, “Insaan bhi insaan hay, koi jinn tou nahin hein na keh aik minute mein khana pakaya ho farigh”


You just gotta remember these golden words.


So all you mehmaans out there thinking you can drop by whenever and expect dhahi bhalas, na-uh. Not on her watch. Not again.


Here’s the adorable kid in full action:


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