Comedy Adda Season 2 Is All In One

By MangoBaaz Studio | 26 Mar, 2020

After the immense success of Comedy Adda Season 1 last year, ARY Digital and Tall Tales Production come back with Season 2 of the show which will be bigger, better, faster, spicier, funnier, and more international! Not only has the venue of the show’s live recording changed (to the Courtyard Playhouse), but also it has been given a facelift with a new look, a new feel, a new design, and new content. The show’s ultimate objective is to provide audiences with a COMPLETE SHOW for all their comedy needs and provide a unique platform which hopefully will entertain the masses and have global appeal putting UAE on the map! It is a brilliant mix of local UAE talent sharing the screen with some of the most accomplished names in Comedy all over the world!


Comedy Adda combines late night talk shows with stand-up comedy specials and “Whose line it is Anyways”!

Every episode is unique. There is a celebrity guest, there are questions and answers with them via the host and the panel, then the guest does a stand-up routine, and we end with improvisational games with the guest and local improvisational troupe called “Racy Desis”. An out an out all in one entertainer!

Source: Tall Tales Production

The show will run on ARY Digital Middle East from Saturday 28th of March 2020 at 7 pm UAE time every week. The show will also be broadcasted online on the ARY YouTube channel and be available on the VIU MENA App.


The show is conceptualized by MK Maroof and Asad Raza Khan and co-produced and directed by MK Maroof as well

Asad Raza Khan hosts the show, is the master of the improvisation games, and the writer of the show.

Source: Tall Tales Production

“The key was to lift local comedy standards, to international levels”, says Asad Raza Khan, the host of the show and local star. “Once we had established the fundamentals post Season 1 of showcasing local talent, the next step was to take them to newer heights. For this we invited international comedy and movie stars to be part of the second season including Danish Ali, Saad Haroon, Ali Gul Pir, Meera Jee, and comedy legend Shakeel Siddiqui. We also tried to give the audiences complete entertainment with having an interview, stand up set, and improvisational comedy – all in ONE COMPLETE SHOW! The panel and improvisers remain local talent which really lift the show. Salman, Alina, and Rushdie continue their top form in improvisational with Ali Sufyan adding flavor with his unique and different characters in each episode”


MK Maroof says comedy brings people together. As the director and co-producer of show he has made sure to capture the unique essence of each and every individual.

“All of them bring different flavors, different experiences, different dimensions to the show. We tried to ensure that you see the unique color that each bring and are entertained in the process. It was a whole lot of fun putting this show together, and we hope that the audiences have as much fun watching it. A special thank you to ARY for providing us the platform to showcase all these superstars on a broader medium!”

Source: Tall Tales Production

Salman Qureshi, a star in the local comedy circuit, and master improviser states “What an experience and what a show! We have been wanting to have a platform like this for quite some time and we are thankful to have finally got it! Dubai audiences love to be tickled, and that is what we are aiming to do! So, tune in and catch us wherever you can!. We have had a ball shooting Season 2 and it is nothing like what you have seen before! I am sure that it will be a milestone in television in the region!”.

Ali Sufyan Wasif (@Lamebrowndude) says coming from a YouTube background, it was very different being in front of a live studio audience. It was nerve wrecking and the pace of the show was electric! With big names of the industry and an already experienced team was a huge learning experience for me , it pushed my boundaries and challenged me on creative and emotional level. Comedy Adda is that unique comedy show which was the need of the hour, just the right injection to bring back a proper comedy scene on Pakistani television. I consider myself really lucky to be part of this show and movement!

For further information contact Agha Ghazanfar Raza on +971 50 914 2082 or

List of Local Talent Salman Zahid Qureshi (Panel and Imrpov) Mohamed Rushdi Rafeek (Panel and Improv) Ali Sufyan Wasif (Panel) Osama Farooqui (Improv) Alina Islam (Improv) Rahim Mahtab (Improv)

List of Celebrity Guests Danish Ali (Pakistan Comedy and Internet Sensation) Ali Gul Pir (Pakistani Comedian and Rapper) Saad Haroon (World’s Funniest Man Runner Up in 2018) Meera Jee (Pakistani Actress) Shakeel Siddqui (Legend of Comedy in India, Pakistan, and USA)

Credits It’s an ARY Digital and Tall Tales Production Production Partner – VIU MENA Sponsors – Hemani Herbal USA and Unilever Host – Asad Raza Khan Make Up Artists – Fiza Jabeen and Mariam RK Lights and Sounds (on venue) – Ahmed Abdulla Conceptualization – MK Maroof and Asad Raza Khan Script and Design – Asad Raza Khan Produced by – MK Maroof and Agha Ghazanfar Raza Directed by – MK Maroof

Schedule of Release (Simultaneously on all platforms) – ARY Digital MENA, ARY Youtube, VIU MENA Premiere – Danish Pt 1 – 28th March 2020 Episode 2 – Danish Pt 2 – 4th April 2020 Episode 3 – Saad Haroon Pt 1- 11th April 2020 Episode 4 – Saad Haroon Pt 2 – 18th April 2020 (Ramazan Break From 23rd April to 23rd May 2020) Episode 5 and 6 – Meera Part 1 and Part 2 – Eid (1st or 2nd Day 2020 – 23rd to 25th of May 2020) Episode 7 – Ali Gul Pir Part 1 – 30th May 2020 Episode 8 – Ali Gul Pir Part 2 – 6th June 2020 Episode 9 – Shakeel Part 1 (Finale) – 13th June 2020 Episode 10 – Shakeel Part 2 (Finale) – 20th June 2020


Episode 1 of Comedy Adda with Danish Ali here


Cover image via: Tall Tale Productions

This post is a press release, sponsored by Tall Tale Productions

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