Celebrity TV Chef Gulzar Just Went On A Weird Rant & Everyone's Really Confused

By Sana Yasmeen | 22 Nov, 2019

Chef Gulzar is one of the most prominent and notable celebrity chefs of Pakistan. He’s respected throughout the country for his wide appeal. But his recent rant is confusing a lot of people. With some pent-up frustration and shayed some anger too, Chef Gulzar’s rant began circulating on the internet.


Celebrity TV personality Chef Gulzar just went on an absolutely bizarre rant

He begins the video by congratulating Nawaz Sharif for getting the ‘permission’ to leave the country to get relief and medical aid. He further proceeded to congratulate the government officials for letting justice prevail.

He, then, congratulated the people of Pakistan and even himself, for being able to celebrate this happiness.

Chef Gulzar went on to show what he called his ‘happiness’ by hitting himself with a shoe. He goes on, in the video, that he has a very strange form of expressing his happiness and people would feel happy too to watch it. He then, straight up, whips out a “Chappal” and hits himself with it, on his head.


In the video, Chef Gulzar starts sharing his hopeful message about the positive future and starts hitting himself with a chappal at every moment

He goes on, in the video, that now he is hopeful that the poor people in prisons might get relief along with the people dying and going through extremely painful circumstances of poverty and facing inflation. Following that, he states that the women forced to sell themselves might get relief too now.

Once said all that, He goes on to talk about the injustices done within the boundaries of police stations, all the while expressing ke ab udhar bhi relief mil jayega along with the people who are victims of the brutal system of the society.


Source: FHM Pakistan/ Facebook

He ended the video on a piece of poetry, all the while, hitting his head.

Me khush hun, mere aansuon pe na Jaana

Me to Deewana, Deewana, Deewana

People in the comments section were divided into two and the dilemma, seemed nowhere, near to be resolved.


Some people praised Chef Gulzar for what they said was such a brave form of protest

They sang praises for Chef Gulzar’s way of protest.

Source: FHM Pakistan/ Facebook


While others were mighty confused by what he was doing

Some individuals considered this video rant to be just a publicity stunt.

Source: FHM Pakistan/ Facebook

Honestly, this bizarre form of protest by Chef Gulzar has also confused us as well. It is definitely… uh…unique, but it’s also very unclear as to who he is really protesting against? Is it against Nawaz Sharif? Is he ranting against the Government? Or is he just ranting at his kismat? If you find out, do share with us in the comments below.


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Cover photo via Talk Shows Central via YouTube / Current Affairs News via Facebook

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