Aiman And Minal Khan Just Celebrated Their 21st Birthday But Fans Don't Believe It

By Sana Yasmeen | 22 Nov, 2019

Aiman and Minal ki age pe awaam ko aitraaz hai

These two just came out of nowhere and became the center of everyone’s attention. Aiman and Minal Khan have got to the biggest celebrities twins in the business around the world right now, honestly. Can you name a more famous pair?


Our favorite celebrity twins celebrated their birthday on 20th November

Aiman and Minal had what seems like a super fun and cute, celebration of their birthday.


Aiman and Minal also wished each other

The girls took to Instagram to wish each other on their birthdays with really adorable photos featuring both of them!

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Happiest birthday I love you so much ♥️

A post shared by AIMAN MUNEEB (@aimankhan.official) on

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Happy birthday to the one and only hani❤️

A post shared by Minal Khan (@minalkhan.official) on


Unlike past birthdays, this one was a little more of an intimate celebration for Aiman and Minal tbh

Aiman and Minal, born during the year 1998 came under troll attack after this fashion and drama page stated that this was the celebration of the twin’s 21st birthday!. Which became the point of contention for people.


People expressed their curiosity and confusion regarding the age of Aiman and Minal

Lots of folks appear to be having a hard time digesting how old the twins are.

Source: All Pakistan Drama Page Official/Facebook


They also made jokes about the age of Aiman’s daughter and her mother’s

Source: All Pakistan Drama Page Official/Facebook


There were lots of theories posited as to why the twins could still be 21

Source: All Pakistan Drama Page Official/Facebook


Source: All Pakistan Drama Page Official/Facebook


People made jokes about them aging while the twins remained the same age

Source: All Pakistan Drama Page Official/Facebook


Or even aged backwards

Source: All Pakistan Drama Page Official/Facebook


Some people were just wondering if either the girls had an elixir of life ya phir time machine?

Source: All Pakistan Drama Page Official/Facebook
Source: All Pakistan Drama Page Official/Facebook

Well well, The girls seemed to have had a fun birthday event and that’s all one can wish for. Honestly, media does put a lot of pressure on women to be and appear younger. The same pressure exists on men too but youth is definitely more valued for women so it does make sense if the twins would try and appear younger than they actually may be. But then again, they are young anyway, so if they’re 20 or 21 or even 14, kiya farq parta hai humein?

Live and let live and if you’ve got any thoughts, sound off in the comments below.



Cover image via @aimakhan.official / Instagram

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