Aiman And Minal Khan's Birthday Video Is Honestly The Cutest Thing You'll See Today

By Sarah Babar | 22 Nov, 2017

The Aiman and Minal Khan duo is possibly the most famous pair of sisters to have emerged from the Pakistani entertainment industry after the Benjamin Sisters. They’re literally all over our social media feeds. The twins are cute, they’re adorable and they’re always sticking up for each other.


The twins also recently celebrated their birthday, which was as cute an affair as it was expected


It was a small celebration with close family and friends

Selfie time???? #aimankhan #minalkhan #muneebbutt

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And the pictures with Mummy and Daddy Khan were also beyond adorable


The entire family celebrated in full force

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Of course, Aiman’s fiance and actor, Muneeb Butt was also there which made for some pretty sweet pictures

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…Like really cute

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But the cutest thing to have come out of Aiman and Minal’s birthday bash was this video


The video had Aiman and Minal’s parent beaming with pride at the success of their daughters

Their father said that he couldn’t believe that they’d already grown up so much. It only feels like yesterday that they were born and now they’re all grown.

Source: @danialbakhtiarkhi / facebook


That it feels like a dream that they’ve garnered so much love and affection from people in such a short amount of time

Source: @danialbakhtiarkhi / facebook


He also prayed for all the daughters around the world to get success and love from everyone

Source: @danialbakhtiarkhi / facebook


It also had Muneeb Butt giving the sisters the cutest message ever!

Source: @danialbakhtiarkhi / Facebook

He wished there was a national holiday declared on his fiance’s birthday so he could spend the whole day with her, from start to finish. He wished for the sisters to get all that they wish for and desire. And that they get all the happiness in the world.


We’d like to wish the twins a very happy birthday and all the success!

Happy Birthday!!! May you have many more!!!! @aimankhan.official @minalkhan.official #Aimankhan #Minalkhan #Pakistanicelebrities

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What did you think about the twin’s party?

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