Calm Down Everyone, Shafqat Mahmood Just Confirmed That O & A Levels Aren’t Going Anywhere

By Biya Haq | 22 Mar, 2019

SooOOooOo close


Rumors and speculation broke last night after Mahmood announced plans to eliminate the O and A Level education system schools in a National Assembly standing committee on Wednesday.


But Education Minister, Shafqat Mahmood just confirmed that the O & A Level system will not be going anywhere anytime soon

Instead what he really did was stress upon the need for a uniform education system throughout the nation, one that could be taught to every child. Currently, three different systems dominate education in Pakistan, including the O and A Level system as well as the Metric system. Shafqat’s statements were towards a bigger discussion on how to bring singularity to students in Pakistan. This did not mean immediately eradicating every O and A level school from Pakistan.


Of course, Pakistanis flipped a shit on Twitter when the news broke and rumors of the school system being eliminated started to spread like wildfire.

This was the original news

Source: @Dailytimespak Via Twitter


The news had generated quite an interesting debate, with polarizing views from across the board


Shafqat Mahmood called out the news for misreporting and cleared out his own stance on the subject.

(Get it? Subject? Cause school?)

Through a number of questions…


And hey, being so that I personally have been through the O and A Level system in Pakistan, I for one am happy for a newer perhaps more balanced school curriculum to be introduced

Don’t get me wrong, I still cherish all of my school memories with my friends. But the studying part? The part about feeling challenged and working hard in school to ACTUALLY learn something? Yeah, that part sucked.

Source: The City School Official/Facebook

I can obviously only speak through my own experience but what I grew up seeing was not so great. Schools need to be fun, engaging and a place that encourages children to WANT to learn. Memorizing a bunch of facts to perform in an exam you will probably get high anxiety for and completely forget does not seem like a viable answer.

The O and A level system itself also promotes and represents a presumably ‘higher sense of class’ within Pakistan. In this country, this system of schooling is looked at by many as being the official schooling of the country’s ‘elite.’ This is absolutely unacceptable. School is school. It is for anyone who wants to learn and for anyone who wants to challenge and equip themselves in life. Admitting your kids to a school just because of the name and reputation is ludicrous and it needs to change as soon as possible.

So whatever the new curriculum will be, let’s just hope that it will give all students in this country equal opportunity and an equal chance to learn some fascinating things from whatever system and from each other, no matter what social class. Education is the most important thing a government can offer to its people so let’s hope we get it just right.

Have you seen the recent discussion on education in Pakistan? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below! Love you.


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