Women Of New Zealand Are Celebrating ‘National Scarf Day' By Wearing Scarves & Honestly These People Are The Best

By Sannia Bilal | 22 Mar, 2019

In recent days, the world has witnessed the true essence of peace and humanity portrayed by the people and the leadership of New Zealand who continue to win hearts one day at a time.


After the horrendous incident of mass shooting at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, their Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern exuded an overwhelming sense of leadership by standing beside the families and loved ones of the victims.

The attack by an Australian supremacist that took lives of 49 innocent Muslims who were present at the mosque for their Friday prayers shook the world and made reverberations through people of all sects, creeds and races who offered their condolences to the families affected. The world grieved for the concordant stream of tears that flowed from New Zealand.


Moreover, It was announced that the Friday Azaan (call for prayer) will be broadcasted nationwide.


Furthermore, New Zealand is celebrating ‘National Scarf Day’ today to show solidarity with their Muslim community.


This garnered mixed feelings.

Some stated that the country has proved that they’re the people of peace.


Some even asked questions to clarify their understanding.

Then some presented personal examples of how people of New Zealand have previously portrayed a strong image of peace as well.  


Others suggested this should be celebrated internationally and men should have a part to play as well.


Then there were some who stated that all Muslim women don’t take a hijab.


And that New Zealand should find other, more constructive, ways to show solidarity.


Some said they haven’t witnessed a similar level of solidarity from Muslims.


And that the world should instead stand with women who want to break the shackles from the hijab that is forcibly inflicted on them.



Then it was mentioned that NZ is setting a great example for the world.



And well, people actually decided to move to New Zealand.


After the attacks, a lot has been happening in the country to pay tribute to victims and to ensure the safety of the citizens.

The attack took the lives of two students from the same school. Their friends gathered for a memorial to pay tribute to the departed.


New Zealanders have been making protective circles around Muslims going to the mosque

Kri Belden sent me this:“Lodi California Mosque was surrounded by a human chain of non-Muslims today during prayers to…

Gepostet von Frank Somerville KTVU am Sonntag, 17. März 2019


And their iconic silver fern was re-edited to show Muslim community in prayer


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern stated that the terrorist who carried out these mass shootings should never be named. 


Amidst this display of love and support, it’s also important to acknowledge how the haters were treated.

Australian Senator, Fraser Anning, was egged by a 17 year old boy after he issued a controversial statement regarding the attack in New Zealand.

The escapade took place when Anning was busy sharing his derogatory views with the media. This boy, Will Connoly, steadied his phone and filmed himself cracking a raw egg on the senator’s head.

The guy may have received a couple vigorous punches from the senator but he emerged as a hero for the world.

Khair, this just goes to show how the world should admit that terrorism is not bound to be portrayed by a certain religion. A person’s faith should not be defined by the instance of destruction. Peace is all that we should be rooting out for.

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Cover image via: Scarves in Solidarity / Facebook

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