Actress Armeena Khan Is Being Trolled Online By Priyanka Fans And IT IS NOT OKAY

By Arslan Athar | 21 Mar, 2019

Armeena Khan is one of those celebrities who has no qualms expressing herself openly. She adds her point of view in the happening of the world. Most recently, when India and Pakistan’s relationship was hitting rock bottom, Armeena was one of the Pakistani celebrities advocating for peace.


After Priyanka Chopra sent out her tweet about India’s LOC crossing, Armeena was one of the first Pakistani actors to call her out on it. 


She was definitely one of the louder voices during the time period where Priyanka was being called out. 

Even during that time, she was calling her better sense to prevail.


After Priyanka’s tweet, Pakistanis started a petition online to remove the actor as a UN Goodwill Ambassador.


Almost a month later, Armeena Khan posted about all the trolling she has been facing since. 

She laid the blame for it, on ‘Team Priyanka’ and called them ‘classless’.


She went to share some of the tweets she had been getting, and WOW, this is some next level trolling. 


These trolls were not going easy on Armeena.

Via Twitter


They called her names. 

Via Twitter


They even talked about her recent movie, ‘Sherdil’.

Via Twitter


People were telling the actress to just ignore them.




‘Let them bark’ was the message of the day!


Her fans were actively trying to boost her spirits.


Armeena took a bold step and spoke up against Priyanka when she went against the principles of her position as a Goodwill Ambassador. It is just surprising to know that even though some time has passed, Armeena still has to face a lot of hate online.

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