Bushra Maneka Gave Her First Ever Interview And Pakistanis Have A LOT To Say

By Maham Lari | 28 Sep, 2018

Our first lady, Bushra Maneka gave her first ever live interview on Hum TV with Nadeem Malik. She highlighted several things – from PM Imran Khan’s personal life to her own, also clearing up several controversies regarding herself.

Source: Dawn

Her interview was quite a detailed one and she remained calm throughout. She praised Imran Khan in several ways and gave an insight into his private life – concluding that he is a simple man whose heart is with Pakistanis. He wishes nothing more than to revive the strength and lost cause of Pakistan.

“Pakistan is fortunate to have a leader like Imran Khan. He is not a politician but a leader for us.” – Bushra Maneka

Source: Hum News Live via YouTube

After her first live interview, people have been quick to respond. 

Some people are really impressed and are definitely honored to have her as Pakistan’s First Lady.


They are happy Bushra Maneka finally clarified all the controversies surrounding her marriage to Imran Khan. 

While other people think it was a waste of time, going as far as to ridicule what she stated.

Some people asked others to not be swayed by this “thought-through” interview.

There were also people debating religious matters while keeping the First Lady’s words in mind.

Some are even comparing her to Reham Khan.

Some people thought the interview was conducted to show Khan in a different light altogether.

However, some people questioned whether Bushra Maneka even gave the interview in the first place. 

And well, some just think she should have stayed away from coming under the media limelight altogether. 

On the other hand, several people are pretty happy about how the interview went down.

Liberals and feminists were dragged.

And emphasis was laid on what Bushra Maneka had to say instead of how she dressed.

However, “PTI’s feminism” was questioned as well.

At the end of the day, we all knew this interview would trigger a wide variety of reactions. What did you think of the interview? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Here’s Everything Our First Lady, Bushra Maneka, Just Said In Her First Live Interview




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Cover image via HUM News/Youtube

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