Nawaz Sharif's PM House Buffaloes Were Auctioned Off And Pakistanis Can’t Help But Make Jokes

By Mehwish A. W. | 28 Sep, 2018

After taking over the PM’s Office and the PM House, Prime Minister Imran Khan, in his first address, had emphasized on cutting costs of the government’s expenditure. One of the measures stated, in this regard, was that the government will be auctioning luxury and surplus vehicles. PM Khan lived up to his promise and an auction of surplus vehicles was held earlier this month.

Source: Reuters

After this auction of surplus vehicles, next came the turn to auction the eight buffaloes that were kept by former PM Nawaz Sharif for his “gastronomic requirements”.

In a message on Twitter that confused many, PM’s Special Assistant for Political Affairs Naeem ul Haque said the buffaloes will be sold soon.

The eight buffaloes were sold today… 


…for Rs2.3 million in an auction at the PM House.


However, while the vehicle auction was applauded, the reaction of people on the buffalo auction today was totally the opposite. There were a lot of people who mocked this decision and made sarcastic remarks about the impact it will have on the economy of the country.

Some lashed out sarcastically

Others couldn’t help bringing IMF into the conversation

Others were of the view that it was not a big deal and getting rid of unnecessary stuff is a normal routine

Some people asked about dogs…

Others were still confused about why buffaloes were needed in the PM House

There were also questions raised about the wisdom behind this auction:

Bring on the endless drama!

However, others found a lighter side to the matter

So, loads of mixed reviews about the auction of the buffaloes. However, no matter how small a step this may be, all everyone hopes for is that we actually get to see some real change at the end of the day. What do you think about it, though? Let us know in the comments below!



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