BTS Allegedly Stopped Their Performance For Maghrib Azaan And Muslim ARMY Is Going Crazy

By Rameeza Ahmad | 3 Jun, 2019

This just further proves that the BTS boys are really Muslim ARMYs’ true kings.

The last two days have been historic for BTS. They played two sold-out shows at one of the biggest venues in the world; the Wembley Stadium. And fans were ecstatic to see their idols live out their dream. The first day of the concert was streamed on VLive and BigHit executives were present at the venue as well; so you kind of get the idea that this was a BIG deal.


All our BTS boys were incredibly happy at being able to play at Wembley and they mentioned so in all of their speeches at the end of the show.


But all of this happiness and excitement didn’t make them forget the most important part; their AMRY. We all know how devoted BTS is to their fanbase. And have credited all their commercial and critical success to their fans. And considering their diverse fanbase, they have always managed to make sure all their fans feel happy and included in the fandom.

Just recently, a sharp-eyed Pakistani ARMY saw noticed that the band had Urdu words for love displayed on the screen during Namjoon’s performance for his song ‘love’. And now, another fact has possibly come to light; BTS made sure Muslim ARMYs were comfortable at their concert considering some of them were fasting.


According to some Muslims BTS ARMY who were lucky enough to attend the BTS concert at Wembley Stadium this past weekend, the band stopped performing during Maghrib prayers possibly so Muslim fans could open their fast.

Since Maghrib in London is around 9:00 PM, when the concert was in full swing, apparently the boyband might have taken a break for a few minutes so fans could open their fast.


Just a day before BTS landed in London ahead of their concert, Wembley Stadium had the Azaan recited on its sound system. Fans only took it as a sign.


Other fans pointed out how the Wembley Stadium had a designated prayer area for BTS’ Muslim ARMY.


But of course, it’s more likely that the venue already had a prayer room and provision wasn’t made by BTS or BigHit; their management company.


And there was a lot of talk about BTS postponing their pre-show soundcheck to respect the time for Muslim prayer. But of course, no one could confirm this.

While I watched the concert through the live stream, I don’t specifically remember a prolonged break during the concert but of course, there were shorter ones where the boys went backstage for costume changes. Could it be that one of those breaks coincided with iftari time in London so that BTS Muslim ARMYs attending could break their fast without having to miss a performance? Who knows.

Any British Muslim ARMYs who went to the Wembley Stadium concerts and confirm this for us and shed some light on this mystery?


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