Boxer Amir Khan Just Offered His “Expert Advice” To Pakistani Cricket Team To Get Them Back In Shape

By Rameeza Ahmad | 17 Jun, 2019

Is Amir Khan vying to be the next fitness coach for Pakistani cricket team?

There has been a lot of speculation about the physical health of the Pakistani cricket team. People have been constantly talking about how unfit the team looks and a lot of fingers have been especially pointed at Sarfaraz Ahmed, the captain of the cricket team.


As soon as images and videos of the team in the UK started rolling in people noticed that Sarfaraz Ahmed did not exactly look his best… and Shoaib Akhtar voiced out his concern very bluntly in a video that went viral.

And after seeing how badly the team had performed, almost as if their heart wasn’t even in the game; everyone agrees that there is something holding the team back and they need to do a lot better. There were comparisons being made between the Indian and Pakistani team players and how there was a stark visual difference in their physical health.


Pakistani-British boxer Amir Khan noticed this because he offered his services to help get the Pakistani cricket team back in shape

He offered up his help to the PCB.

Now I don’t know if Amir Khan is trying to help out of the goodness of his heart or because he wants the job as Pakistan team’s fitness coach once he retires from boxing. Whatever the reason might be; it’s not a bad idea. The team is in dire need of being whipped into shape.


A lot of people seem to think that the Pakistani team wouldn’t be able to handle Amir Khan as a fitness coach.


While others thought they needed to change their mentality before moving on to their physical health.

Clearly a lot of people have lost faith in Pakistan’s cricket team and I, among other Pakistani fans, have concerns about their performance in the rest of the World Cup.

What do you think about Amir’s offer? Let us know in the comments below.


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