This Lahori Couple's Beautiful Wedding Photo Shoot Is Melting Hearts Across Pakistan For All The Right Reasons

By Ather Ahmed | 3 Nov, 2017

Finding that special someone to share the rest of your life with is truly one of the most beautiful moments one can experience. No matter what the skeptics may say, weddings can actually be truly joyous occasions for not just the lovely couple but for those around as well. Watching two people in love finally take that big leap brings out a lot of emotions. It gives you hope, it gives you courage and most of all it instills faith in you. While photo shoots might appear trivial at the time, they immortalize these beautiful moments for the years to come.


This one wedding photo shoot in particular caught everyone’s attention, recently

And the story behind this is so beautiful.

Source: OVS Film and Photography


This couple, who recently got married, is Ayesha and Awais, and they’re from Lahore

The beautiful moments that were encapsulated in the wedding of Ayesha and Awais that took place in Lahore, were captured OVS Film and Photography.

Source: OVS Films and Photography Via Facebook

OVS Films and Photography have a studio in Lahore and in Karachi, as well.


You can’t tell by the love they share in these beautiful pictures but both Awais and Ayesha are visually impaired and don’t lead what many of us call a “normal” life

The pictures were uploaded on the official page of the studio with a caption that read “Blind people are just like seeing people in the dark. The loss of sight does not impair the qualities of mind and heart.”

Source: OVS Films and Photography

It truly is heartwarming to witness something that transcends the general trivialities of life. Marriage, in the end, is more about what lies within the purpose then what is on the surface.


The couple’s story melted hearts, with a lot of people wishing Awais and Ayesha a successful marriage

Via: Facebook


Via: Facebook


We wish Awais and Ayesha all the best in their journey as a married couple. May they live long and prosperous lives.


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