Bisconni Music Enters the Market to Create Palpable Impact with Original Music

By MangoBaaz Studio | 3 Jan, 2021

The year has begun with high hopes and big dreams after an unfortunate 2020. Blessing us with good music the first thing in the year is Bisconni Music, a local platform that has just ventured into the industry, carrying the USP of bringing to the forefront original music that is lacking in the industry. It’s a new wave with interesting new tracks for all Pakistanis. 

Bisconni Music is bringing original music with new and renowned faces.

With covers and remixes becoming a norm in the industry, tracks sung and composed by artists are unique in this day and age. Not only that, but Bisconni is giving new talent the chance to showcase what they’ve got – becoming a platform that encourages fresh perspectives and voices.

Encouraging artists to compose and write their own songs also brings more creative leverage to the artist. What stands out in the episodes is also the synchronization of each song – where attention is not solely on the vocalist but the entire band- consisting of drummers, guitarists, and keyboard players, all of whom are equally important in creating a magical number. 

Bisconni Music’s set was outstanding.

With strong, vivid visuals and each episode representing a different vibe complementing the genre, each song is memorable and fit for a specific mood. Even artists we’re familiar with were seen in different looks – such as Ahmed Jahanzaib who sung a Sufi song and looked ethereal in white and Ali Tariq, who his fans have never seen singing a romantic number before – hip and young in a Hawaiian shirt. 

The first episode is already out featuring three amazing songs which have been beautifully sung by Ahmed Jahanzeb, Ali Tariq and Sinnan Fazwani & Natasha Humera Ejaz. With more episodes to come with newer faces and veteran artists bringing never heard before songs, we look forward to some exciting weeks ahead filled with lots of fresh content music enthusiasts are hungry for. 

Hamid Ismail – Director of Ismail Industries – played a huge role in bringing Bisconni Music into the music industry. A new platform for artists to play new music on the big screen.  

The first episode and its songs can be viewed on Bisconni Music’s YouTube channel



This post has been sponsored by Bisconni Music.

Cover image via @bisconnimusic/Instagram

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