Singer Bilal Khan Is Being Called Out By Shamoon Ismail For Allegedly Stealing His Song

By Aam Nawab | 21 Oct, 2018

It’s been a while since Bilal Khan, the singer turned actor, released a new song. His claim to fame, “Bachana” has carried him to decent heights of fame but it seems like those days are numbered.



After Bilal Khan uploaded his new song, Tera Saath, on YouTube, several people began noticing the similarities between his song and that of musician Shamoon Ismail’s Taare.


And these are just a few of the many comments that can be found under Bilal Khan’s song on YouTube.

Via: YouTube


This one is just lol

Via: YouTube


So, to make a judgment call for yourself, here’s Shamoon Ismail’s song Taare


And here’s Bilal Khan’s song, Tera Saath, that is alleged to be a copy of Shamoon’s song

I played both songs back to back, and have to admit that they sound waaaaaay too similar to each other. If you have an audio editing software, you could possibly overlay the tracks on top of each other and find out if they fit together.


Yesterday, Shamoon Ismail took to his Instagram account and uploaded a video of himself essentially calling out Bilal Khan for copying his song Taare.

Bilal Khan originally rose to popularity among younglings after his single, Bachana, caught their attention 8 years ago. Like so many other artists, he never put out an album and the follow-up singles had a moderate to decent response, excluding the Coke Studio appearances and the English version of Bachana.  And like many other artists, he moved from music towards television dramas where he found success on Hum TV’s Khamoshi and Sammi.

Along with his acting career, Bilal also starting vlogging where he has grown a sizeable following in a short time span. While he may have started his career out as a musician, his fan following today exists as a result of his acting career.

The new song though has caught the attention of more than just his followers. The question is, does he want this attention?



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