Muniba Mazari Has Now Been Accused Of Plagiarism By Another Pakistani Artist

By Alveena Jadoon | 8 Dec, 2017

Muniba Mazari, who is at the moment battling accusations of defamation by her ex-husband, has found herself at the centre of another controversy.


Her husband had recently filed a case against her, stating that she has been distorting the story to get sympathies

She was showered with both, support and accusations, from people who have been following her for a while. However, she was quick to take to Twitter and respond to those standing by her side.


Muniba then used her Facebook space to write a heartfelt letter to her supporters and critics to address the issue and urged people to be kind to each other

To all of my followers, critics and supporters alike,If you’re reading this and you are married and happy, I wish…

Posted by Muniba Mazari on Donnerstag, 7. Dezember 2017


Now, she’s found herself at the center of a professional controversy

Muniba is now being accused of plagiarizing the work of another artist’s work. Laiba Baig, who is also an artist herself, took to Facebook to accuse Muniba Mazari of copying her work.

She called Muniba a “liar and fraud” for copying her work. She says that she reached out to Muniba to talk it out but the artist said that since she was using a different medium for her work, it does not constitute plagiarism.

Source: Facebook /


Laiba then posted the similarities between their art work.


This picture is from Laiba’s exhibition in 2012. Modernism featuring traditionalism was the theme of the work.


These photos were presented as comparison for Laiba’s claims over Muniba plagiarizing her work


The above work is by Laiba and the one beneath is by Muniba.


Eventually, Laiba says she decided to stop using the theme in her work.

Source: Facebook /


According to Laiba, the reason why she did not take any legal action against her was because she had heard of Muniba’s struggles

She says she had heard about her traumatic accident and knew that she was starting a new life. She did not want to create hurdles for her.

Source: Facebook /


Muniba has not issued any statement in this regard, as of yet.


This is a developing story.


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