This German Photographer Is Documenting Falling In Love With Pakistan, One Stunning Picture At A Time

By Sahar Basit | 21 Oct, 2018

The recent buzz about Pakistan’s beauty has brought in many foreigners who are enjoying the people, food, culture, and scenery. We have seen many of them taking pictures and making vlogs about the enigma that is Pakistan. One such man is a German photographer, Michael Paulo.


Michael, from Germany, has been working in Pakistan for the last four years

Source: @paulomichael1980 / Instagram


In this time he has discovered the bustling street life, havelis, and bazaars.

MangoBaaz asked Michael about his experience with Pakistan and were pleasantly surprised to find that he spent some of his childhood in the 1980’s living in Pakistan as well. Therefore, he had some prior experience before his trip this time around.

Source: @paulomichael1980 / Instagram


Here’s what he had to say about discovering Pakistan through the lens of his camera:

“Pakistan is (for street photography) one of the most interesting places in the world. Every city has its own kind of bazaars and architecture – and the deeper you get, the more you can explore – from abandoned havelis to hidden mosques.”

Source: @paulomichael1980 / Instagram


While in Pakistan, Michael has built a pretty impressive portfolio. I mean, he’s even worked with Pakistani celebrities like Momina Mustehsan.

You had us here, Michael.

Source: @paulomichael1980 / Instagram


But his best work is in capturing ordinary folk…

Source: @paulomichael1980 / Instagram


…in their day-to-day life.

Source: @paulomichael1980 / Instagram

Talking about how he started photography Michael said: “I started taking pictures because I felt far away from the realities in the country”

He continues, “so I decided to take my camera, go with friends on a walk and explore new places. First, the walled city of Lahore, then, the bazaars of Rawalpindi, and now I am exploring the colonial heart of Karachi. ”

Source: @paulomichael1980 / Instagram


Michael is leaving Pakistan at the end of this year but has decided to showcase his work at an exhibition in Islamabad.

Source: @paulomichael1980 / Instagram

The exhibition will be at Gallery6 on the 24th and 25th of November 2018 so be sure to check it out! You can find more of his work on his Instagram page here. Michael, we love the fact that you love our country. Thank you for enjoying and appreciating our culture AND for sharing your talent through the people of Pakistan.


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Cover Image Via @paulomichael1980/Instagram 

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