Here Are Some Of The Best Places To Get Really High In Islamabad

By Haadia Paracha | 15 Jun, 2016

If you clicked through to find a list of places you can smoke or shoot up, shame on you. These are places to get high up in the sky, literally.

Islamabad is scenic at best, with the plush houses down on Margala road to the lush trees on green belts, Islamabadis breathe the purest air in all of Pakistan and drive the least noisy roads in the peanut sized town. But if you’re looking for more of a visual treat, these 11 places should give you just that, in no particular order:


1.Pir Sohawa

With a peripheral view of all of Islamabad nestled between hills, this spot is most popular with families, couples, the old and the new. Head over to shoot someĀ gorgeous panoramas today.

Source: Ashar’s Photography Via: Facebook


Dine-in with the desi delights at Monal Restaurant.

Source: Clicks by Mohammad Omer Via: Facebook


And the view at night when the sky is clear is to die for.

Source: Clicks by Mohammad Omer Via: Facebook


2. Daman-e-koh

Before Monal brought in the big guns, Islamabadis would drive up here for a breath of fresh air, every once in a while. Still a great public space for picnics and gola gandas.

Source: Oakland Pk


Night-time is equally mesmerizing, imo.

Source: Clicks by Mohammad Omer Via: Facebook


3. Centaurus

The rooftop from Centaurus overlooks the city, in whole 360 degrees.

Source: Clicks by Mohammad Omer Via: Facebook


And, if you’re also looking for a dining experience, there’s more to the mall than meets the eye.

Source: Peshawar pekhawar Via: Facebook

And the place is a nice change from Monal.


4.Ā Saudi-Pak Tower

Hosting office spaces for many companies, Saudi-Pak is located smack in the middle of blue area and you can sneak in a glimpse of the presidency to see what the big bossĀ is having for dinner.

Source: Clicks by Mohammad Omer Via: Facebook


5. Shah Alla Ditta, D-12

On the foothills of mountains in this newly founded sector, there’s dhaabay vali chaaye and opportunity to find beauty in the wilderness.

Source: Pakistan Go Green Via: Facebook


You might also run into these furry little things.

Source: Zahran CR’s Photography Via: Facebook


6. Islamabad Monument

Erected as aĀ public national monumentĀ along with a heritage museum, thisĀ not only boasts structural finesse but gives a bird eye’s view of the city.

Source: Mundiagraphy Via: Facebook


7. Ā Islamabad Stock Exchange & Telecom tower

The penthouse view overlooking the sunset should be a kicker, don’t you think?

Source: Clicks by Mohammad Omer Via: Facebook


8. ZTBL Building

On the cross section between Islamabad and Rawalpindi, the view of the highway and flag hoisted in i-8 sets this locality apart from the rest.

Source: Clicks by Mohammad Omer Via: Facebook


9. Saidpur Village

Saving the best (biased opinion) for the last, Saidpur is one of a kind. The set-up, the lopsided village houses sloping all over the hills, music and basking amidst history. Perfect.

Source: Pakistan – Go Green Via: Facebook

And this.

Source: Clicks by Mohammad Omer Via: Facebook


This ain’t Cinque Terre, it’s Saidpur.

Source: United State of Pakistan Via: Facebook

Where would you like to get high in Islamabad?

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