Pepsi Battle Of the Bands Just Turned Up The Heat In Their New Episode And HOT Damn

By MangoBaaz Studio | 13 Aug, 2017

Pepsi Battle of the Bands is a massive platform for budding musicians, in Pakistan. It’s already given us the opportunity to witness such immense amounts of talent, and some of our favorite musicians as judges. But it just got even bigger.

One of the biggest rock stars that the country has ever produced, Atif Aslam, has officially joined the panel of judges for the show.

Atif has been judging shows on the other side of the border and it’s nice that he’s back and representing Pakistan <3. It was such a breath of relief because there was only question on everyone’s minds ever since the first two episodes aired: WHERE IS THE ATIF THAT WE WERE PROMISED?

Well, we finally got him.

The second judge to join the panel for the rest of the season is Shahi Hassan.

Shahi is no stranger, whatsoever, to music. From being a key member of Vital Signs, Shahi has been producing music ever since. He is been responsible for a lot of the amazing music you hear, nowadays. and, well, it’s just good seeing you again, Shahi! The show was sprinkled with possibly some of the most amazing performances we’ve seen so far

From Darvesh¬†putting up a ~STELLAR~ rendition of¬†Allah Hi Deyga¬†by Sounds of Kolachi (like we legit didn’t know the original could get any better, but it literally just did tysm Pepsi)

I mean just look at the clothes, the HAIR, the way they get so into the music and the way they finished up the song? Um – WOW.

Source: Pepsi Pakistan

To Jasim and the Pindi Boys taking the stage with their shoulder-bobbing inducing version of the Vital Signs classic Dil Dhoondta Hai.

Ugh, still love these guys so much. Pindi boys for life.

To Kashmir aaaabsolutely smashing it with a tribute to Aamir Zaki, that will leave you in a mess of tears

(also shameless confession: low-key Bilal is the absolute cutest ?)

Source: HeckYeahReactions Via: Giphy

But…we still can’t get over our boy Vais and how he just shreds that guitar.

Badnaam ripped out a cover of the legendary Kala Jora Pa which will make you go slightly crazy


Source: GypsyAstronaut Via: Giphy

The other performances were absolutely commendable with Madlock, Aura, Shajr, and Roots killing it out there on the stage. All in all, this episode of Pepsi Battle Of The Bands has only set the bar higher, not just for the show, but also for the performers themselves.

While we say goodbye to Shajr and Aura, we’re certain that this is only the beginning of their musical journey.

And now¬†with the biggest panel of judges, we’ve seen in Pakistan including Fawad Khan, Atif Aslam, Meesha Shafi and the legendary Shahi Hassan, this season of Pepsi Battle of the Bands is bound to be insane.

Watch the latest episode and catch up with all things Pepsi Battle of the Bands here

What do you think about the judge’s decision? Let us know in the comments section.

Cover image via Pepsi Pakistan

This content has been made in partnership with Pepsi.

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