Ayeza Khan Just Shared Her Struggles Of Being A Mother And A Celebrity

By Astarte | 19 Nov, 2019

Ayeza Khan shared how being a mother is a struggle for her

There’s no doubt that working mothers have a challenge in Pakistan. While mothers generally have a very tough job because they’re not paid to take care of their children but in Pakistan working mothers are not only expected to deal with the complete care of their children and be the best at their job.  Celebrity moms are no different to regular moms and Ayeza’s rant just proved it.


Ayeza Khan just shared how being a mother and an extremely beloved celebrity is a challenge for her

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Dr. Rabail…. #koichandrakh Before this year ends, i personally wanted to thank everybody for giving so much love and appreciation. Honestly, waking up at 7am, making lunch box exciting everyday, dropping hoorain to the school, coming back and waking up rayan and feeding and getting him ready and dropping him to my mom’s place and sometimes requesting her to come to my house in the morning and then having breakfast with my husband and leaving for the work and in btw try to come home whenever possible and, monitoring the kids on phone all day and coming back to home and again feeding, bathing, choosing the princess or batman night-suit every night, listening hoorain’s bedtime stories or phirrrrrrrrrr removing the makeup and dinner date with my favorite person and sleeping at 3am and again waking up at 7. Difficult to manage ??? Honestly sometimes it is….. Buttttt i love you all and the amount of lovee i am receiving from my fans have made me the super woman and gave me the power to work, to dream and to make all of you proud. 🙏❤️

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Fans of Ayeza Khan are expressing their love after the actress’ rant

Source: @ayezakhan.ak / Instagram


People are shocked at how Ayeza Khan juggles being a mom as well as having a full fledged career

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Even her Indian fans from across the border are expressing their love for Ayeza

Source: @ayezakhan.ak / Instagram
Source: @ayezakhan.ak / Instagram


Ayeza has recently gained a lot of popularity because of her very controversial character in the popular drama Mere Paas Tum Ho

She is playing a character that she hasn’t attempted in the past, in her career, so that’s a commendable effort on her part. However, the TV show has caused a lot of controversy because the writer having terribly misogynistic opinions about women and the show being called out for portraying women negatively.

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Ayeza’s character has been dragged and turned into a meme for people to laugh at because of one dialogue.

Having to manage a thriving career alongside responsibilities at home as a mother is exceptionally difficult. Women in Pakistan, particularly, are expected to be the primary caregivers of their children because of the archaic concepts around motherhood and gender roles. It is natural for many women to feel trapped and alone in their circumstances and therefore it is very refreshing for women like Ayeza coming forward with their struggles, sharing how even privileged women in Pakistan aren’t as different when it comes to responsibilities and motherhood.


Ayeza Khan Posted A Photo Of Her Daughter And Internet Ke Thaykedaar Didn’t Spare A 2 Year Old


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