11 Awful Pakistani Skin Whitening Ads That'll Make You Sick Because Of How Disgusting They Really Are

By Nai Dulhan | 26 May, 2019

White is a good color. I like white. It is usually associated with purity and peace. But when people start comparing the color white with an individual’s beauty, cleanliness or even their reliability as a person (lol, what?) things get messed up.

And hum se zada yeh kon samajh sakta hai?


Agar app Pakistani hain, aur especially agar larki hain, then there is a good chance that you have come across skin whitening advertisements, at least once in your life.

Source: dawn.com

In my quest to find the craziest Pakistani fairness advertisement, I shortlisted 11 advertisements for you to view and then bang your head in the wall because of. SCREW LOGIC, GENES, ACTING SKILLS and DECENCY.


1. This advertisement in which the guy’s face comes off altogether and the girl gets a job because she’s fair.

Please tell me the physics behind gora rang and getting engaged. Matlab, khuch bhe yaar! But hey, ya’ll “GAAT WAAT YOU LYKE” eh?


2. This advertisement which takes you into a make-believe world where, instead of beautiful butterflies, fairness creams are flying in the fake AF meadow’s sky.

Can someone PLEASE explain the relevance of these rented Arab-Pakistani men? Who TF gave them the “Brand of the year” Award? You’re selling a cream for Pakistani women, endorsed by a chinki model, but it is turning on Arab men. What the hell?


3. This cream which will make you gora in 7 days, but claims to be all natural. If that isn’t legit…I don’t know what is. Haina?

Also, who talks with their arms doing a whole damn mime performance of their own?


4.”Cooji cooji muah” – Enough said.

Seriously, Olivia, I was expecting better from you.


5. Why is everyone acting like a damn puppet? What is with the hand gestures? Just get yo white on and go TF away! Why do ya’ll have to move your arms so much?

Also, her whole two faces legit come off – Maybe she should be focusing on not being a two faced hypocrite. Jhooti kahin ki.


6.Wow. WOW. Pretty sure this is just racist, tbh.

Also, thanks mom for making your daughter feel uncomfortable in her own skin. Maybe you could start off by wiping off that brown shoe polish off of her face?


7. This advertisement in which the model isn’t sitting on a mountain top, she IS the damn mountain.

Sooo, “husn ki bulandi” means you low key become Godzilla and don’t give a fuck about the amount of people you’re crushing under your heels while being a fucking giant troll in the city. Also, why does the voiceover guy sound like Amitabh Bachan? TF.


8. This advertisement in which people need to tell this nargasi woman that if you walk in the middle of the road like it’s a fucking ramp, cars WILL stop. 

P.S: Someone ask the director yeh konsi Mehraan hai jo screech bhe marti hai?


9. WTF people? Shehr se ayi Sara and she says “Ab tum khana khao, besabri na dekhao

Just because Sara is gori, it gives her a license to laugh like a fucking psychopath, while the other girl with the fake AF daagh on her face feels bad for herself. Also, Sara’s gora rang (which she achieved in 12-15 days, PATIENTLY), gives her the right to give not so subtle hints to the other girl that if she doesn’t become gori, there won’t be a prince charming in her life. WOW Sara. Sharam karle.


10. This advertisement in which the gori girl thinks she’s fine AF, but not really.

Imagine this, your friend tells you her skin is fucked, and you smile like you don’t care because a) Your ears are blocked, b) You don’t understand what the fuck your friend just said, c) You’re heartless and don’t care about your friend’s feelings, d) You only have one facial expression. Nice.


11. “Ab gora ho ga Pakistan”

No disrespect to the late Zubaida Apa, but no words. None. I just want to know why someone as wholesome as Zubaida Apa would do something like this.

Khair, ladies and gentlemen, there is more to life and you, than your complexion. Be proud of who you are, because you are exactly what you should be. If you’ve seen any other crazy whitening cream advertisements, share them below in the comments section.


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Cover image via Faiza Beauty Cream/Facebook

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