11 Things That Definitely Happen When The Honeymoon Phase Of Your Marriage Ends

By Nai Dulhan | 26 May, 2019

The honeymoon phase of every marriage is great – you’re on your best behavior, you look great, feel great and love is in the air – loweeeee. But what happens after this nai dulhan and dulha phase is over and reality hits you? Here’s a low down on the 11 most common things that happen once you’re out of the “newly weds” zone.

1. You’re over the “nai dulhan/dulhay mian” phase

Source: Bhushan Kumar

You allow your nail polish to chip. Washing and blow drying your hair are not as important every day and make-up at home is now a rarity. For the guys, you don’t have to trim your beard or nose hair (lol) every other day – wild and free is your cuppa tea. Kon itni mehnat keray yaar!

2. You’re open about the food you don’t like

Source: Ufone

No more pretending that you like bhindi and keralay in front of your husband and in-laws. If ya don’t like ‘em, you won’t eat ‘em. KFC order kara lain bhai – bhookay phir bhe nai rehtay hum!

3. Pajama party on

Source: Hera Pheri/A.G. Nadiadwala

You can have a perfectly normal and productive day while being in your pajamas. Heck, you take a shower and change from one pair of pajamas to another because hello? Why not?

4. You have to tolerate each other’s presence after an argument

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Oh, how you miss the days where you could fight over texts and just ignore your other half for a few hours and do your thing. Oh no no buttercups, not anymore. You’re forced to tolerate each other’s face after a fight. Aik he kamray mai bootha suja ke dono apnay apnay cell phone pe ludo star khel rai hotay hain!

5. You don’t pretend your relationship is perfect all the time

Source: Dharma Productions

When your mom or friends ask you, kaisa chal raha hai? You don’t have to say all well and good. You bitch about your married life and boy, some bitching do you do. From bad habits to things that tick you off – you just blow off all the steam that’s been trapped inside you – matlab, har waqt sub khuch acha thori na hota hai?

6. You realize it is normal to fight over trivial things

Source: Momina Duraid Productions

Why is the laundry outside the basket? Exhaust fan band nai kiya, khaana time pe tyaar nai hai, sub kay saamnay mera mazaak kyun uraya hai – are all excuses for a fight. Yes, go figure!

7. You can joke about your bodily functions

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment

From joking about PMS-ing partners to unearthly farts and burps – sub chalta hai yaar!

8. Bedtime at 10 is totally normal and a healthy activity you can do with your other half

Source: Excel Entertainment

On a weekday, bedtime at 10 is the best thing that can happen to anyone!

9. You loosen up with your in-laws

Source: Deedle Dee Productions

Being extra tameez dar and formal in front of your in-laws now only happens when you’ve had a fight that you’re trying to conceal. Otherwise, chill mahol te mithay chol scene hai ab. Okay, well – to an extent at least.

10. You don’t have to say “I love you” every single day

Source: MD Productions

If either partner does say “I love you” more than once a day, you immediately ask them what they need/what they did wrong. It’s something that becomes rare but when it is said, you know it came right from the heart. Awww!

11. Forgetting anniversaries and birthdays doesn’t land you in a huge fight

Source: Yash Raj Films

Giving a gift/wishing a day late or even having a delayed celebration is not a topic of concern now. You’re more relaxed and don’t make a big deal of these mishaps. After all, you have your share of mishaps too! Hisaab barabar.

What were some of the things you experienced when your honeymoon period was over? Let us know in the comments section below.


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