13 Celebrities Whose Childhood Fashion Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

By Sanaa Bajwa | 9 Aug, 2016

Your childhood is supposed to be a happy, carefree, eidi collecting, Tilo Express playing time. But scratch the surface and it becomes a collection of excruciatingly mortifying moments. Of course, it never helped that your parents made you commit fashion faux pas that still wakes you up in a cold sweat (if only they had this back then).

Here’s to hoping you won’t end up as serial killers because of that time Ami made you wear a full sleeve shirt under your dress on your 5th birthday party:


1. Coordinated clothes with siblings

Why does any parent ever think that this is okay? WHY? I AM AN INDIVIDUAL GODDAMMIT. LET ME ASSERT MY PERSO – oooh cookie.

Source: Show Biz Lounge


2. This…and pigtails.

In the 90’s, this monstrosity was everywhere. Our shoes, our shirts, even our pants. No child deserved this kind of mistreatment.

Source: Miss Malini


3. Bunny Rabbit Dungarees 

Um. Yeah. Ali Zafar needs a hug.

Source: Arts and Entertainment
Source: Arts and Entertainment


4. Poofy Frocks

Torture devices straight from Satan’s personal workshop. They make you look, and feel, like a walking talking loofah.

Source: Web Chutney


5. Kimonos 

Shhhhh. Its all right, sweetie. You can pick your own clothes now.

Source: Web Chutney


6. The horrifying pyala cut

Seriously, was there an active attempt to destroy our self-esteem?

Source: Web Chutney


7. Dressing kids up as adults

Little boys in bowties and little girls in lipstick are Not cute. They’re creepy AF. Poor Danish Taimoor already looks worried about Tax Rebate Forms.

Source: Brand Synario


8. These frilly things

Full marks for emotional damage to Hareem Farooq’s parents.

Source: showbizlounge

9. Gravity defying shorts

Here it is, Ladies and Gentlemen. The day, in fact the very moment, that Aamir Liaquat decided he would spend his life making people suffer the way his pulled-up-far-too-high shorts made him feel.

Source: Brand Synario


10. High Neck Sweater

Poor Bipasha can’t believe her beautiful outfit has been sabotaged by the worst enemy of little girls everywhere.

Source: Gossip Katta


 11. Collective Sabotage

Sonam still weeps over this picture as she huddles in a corner in her walk-in closet.

Source: Joy Fullest


12. The Snowman Look

Hamza Ali Abbasi was crying out for help. Nobody took him seriously. And now he has Facebook.

Source: India Forums


13. Long socks under shorts

Here we have Atif Aslam writing the beginning of ‘ab toh aadat si hai mujh ko‘, as he laments his mother’s fashion taste.

Source: xcitefun

So, correct the mistakes your parents made and opt for a brand that captures the wonder and joy of childhood. Get something that focuses on simple yet fun designs and plays with modern color palettes, so you can do away with those poofy frocks and gravity defying shorts.

Do your kids a favour, and leave the fashion designing to the experts. Pop over to your nearest Hopscotch and leave the joy and wonder of childhood intact.


Cover image via: indiatvnews.com


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