This Artist Makes Unbelievably Beautiful Dresses Out of Food

By Sarmad Amer | 13 Mar, 2016

Edgar Artis is an Armenian artist who has recently been getting a lot of attention from all over the world for his incredibly unique idea of making illustrations of dresses out of items like pomegranate, orange peels and saunf. He lives in Yerevan, Armenia and his beautiful food art has been going places.

Here is the unbelievably beautiful food art by this artist:


Beet red dress made out of Beets

Chukandar khaiye aur pehniye

Beet Dress

Can’t get more cheesy than this one

cheese dress


This Kiwifruit dress looks very refreshing

Cheeku Dress


Ketchup and Fries never looked as tempting before

Fries Dress

The humble saunf is all glamorous now

Saunf dress


This dress made out of lemon is definitely a sight for sore eyes

Lemon Dress


He can even turn piyaaz ke chilkay into a beautiful design

Onion Dress


And it’s not just food that he can turn into a fashion statement

Here are just some of the many other things into sensational designs.

Wood Shavings Dress Pink Rose Dress Red Rose Dress Purple Leaf Dress


He even makes cut-out designs and uses ordinary objects in nature as prints in the designs

Like, this guy is so unbelievably creative it is incredible.

Yellow Cutout Dress Sexy Cutout Dress Cut out pants Blue Cutout Dress


This genius can be found on his instagram.

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