This is What a Pakistani Student’s Life is Like During Exams

This is What a Pakistani Student’s Life is Like During Exams

This is What a Pakistani Student’s Life is Like During Exams

The shortest and the most scary horror story known to the students across the globe is… “Exams”. This five alphabet word alone has the power to to get the ‘too cool for school’ bunch to start studying. If you’d been busy playing ‘zero katta‘ while comfortably sitting at the far end of the class, you can pray to God that the odds be in your favor.

Whether you’re a below average or a brilliant student, your life during the exam week is exactly the same. Here’s a little summary of a student’s life during exam week:


1. What prayers look like during exams



2. What an under prepared student look likes during an exam:



3. What tweets look like during exams:







4. What your face looks like during most of your exams:



5. What your pockets are filled with during exams:

Also, your socks, arms, legs, belts, dupattas and wherever else you’re able to store some booti.



6. What study plans look like a night before exams:



7. What your notes look like before exams:



8. What libraries look like during exams:

For most students it will be the first time they even realize their college has a library.



9. What preparation looks like during exams:

Remember, Red Bull gives you wings(or high BP) but not aqal.



10. What your phone’s camera gallery looks like during exam week:



11. What conversations with your friends look like during exam week:

IMG_9281 IMG_9282 (1)


To all of you who are struggling with exams, best of luck. And to those who recently got done with exams, you lucky bastards.

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