You Need to Know About This Artist From Peshawar The Whole World is Going Crazy For

By Haadia Paracha | 29 Apr, 2016

Mahoor Jamal is a Peshawar-based freelance fashion illustrator and portrait artist.


Using Pencil and Watercolor as her base medium while sometimes experimenting with dry pastels and digital art, Mahoor creates beautifully masterful expressions of art.


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Most of her artwork boasts vibrant colors.


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With an emphasis on the “exterior”, represented by these gorgeous faces.

A photo study I did few days back. Still struggling with colors when it comes to digital painting.

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Which is surprising to some…

Been working on this since yesterday. *reference used*

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Because of her choice to wear a niqaab in real life.


Addressing this very concern at her TEDx talk in Islamabad

Here's @idualy 's portrait for the #emjaysgiveaway

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 Mahoor called out such people.

In case someone's interested in buying this one, drop me a message on my Facebook page. The size is a3.

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Stating that her choice to wear a niqaab shouldn’t have to restrict her artistic endeavors.


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She also discussed at length how the fashion designing community had often pressed her to move out of Peshawar since other metropolitan cities enlisted so many more opportunities.

Colored a painting I did a while back. #digitalart

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Yet she modestly confirmed how her hometown has truly never been a hindrance.

Illustrated one of @larajadephotography 's shots from Velvet Magazine.

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Mahoor, like many of the Pakistani girls, once took on her parents’ dream as her own.


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…initially applying to various med schools.

Old stuff.

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As fate (or luck) would have it, that didn’t quite work out – making way for what was once reduced to just a hobby, as a full-time prospective career.

Pretty Rangeen eh? ?

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Ever since, there’s been no looking back. 


Currently enrolled in her sixth semester

I do silly things with fairylights sometimes. Err most of the times.

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Mahoor has experience freelance illustrating with a number of renowned designers in Pakistani fashion industry under her belt.


If her story still doesn’t earn your follow…

Ze scanned version. #winsornewtongiveaway

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Maybe her instagram gallery itself will do the trick.

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Not sure what I was doing. Or trying to do.

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You know you want to.

"The Secret Keeper" Scanned and fixed my old artworks yesterday. Thought I'd repost.

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“Erase your contradictions, you might just find a friend.”

Mahoor Jamal

17 . 2 . 2015

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You can also follow her work here. And here.

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