Armeena Khan's Instagram Is Being Censored And Pakistanis Are Pissed Over The Alleged Reason

By Janita Tahir | 7 Sep, 2019

Armeena Khan’s Instagram is being censored and people are pissed over the alleged reason.

Armeena Khan is a popular Pakistani actress and a human rights activist. She has been quite vocal on her social media, raising voice for things that needed attention. She has started debates on societal issues, she supported Ayesha Malik (a Pakistani American who was gaslit by Priyanka Chopra when she criticized her for supporting any potential war between Pakistan and India) and she has been among the louder voices who have been advocating human rights in Kashmir.

However, being gutsy and fearless about your opinions comes with a price. Armeena has previously been subjected to hate and online trolling for speaking out for what she believes in. Now, it seems she might get banned from Instagram.

It all started with a DM

Someone DM-ed Armeena on her Instagram and told her that they couldn’t share her stories. After checking her privacy settings, the actress realized that there was nothing wrong on that front and she was being hindered in another way.

Armeena soon realized that she had been shadowbanned by Instagram

Armeena explaining in her Instagram Story
Source: @armeenakhanofficial/Instagram

She took to Instagram to explain the situation to fans in case her account was suspended. Armeena told how her posts had been deleted and she was being virtually wiped off of Instagram.

The alleged reason for all this is her vocalized support for Kashmir


She went on to explain that not only her social media accounts were being censored, but she had also lost projects for speaking out loud.

Pakistanis were NOT happy and they showered her with support



Some thought Pakistan should have their own social media platforms



Some people even pointed out the irony in this alleged censorship.



People insisted that their voices won’t be silenced anymore



Others highlighted how people who speak up are always threatened by suppression



Armeena has since been grateful for all the love and support



Here’s to all the individuals – famous or not – who speak out for causes they support, despite the risks. It takes strength to voice your opinion on a controversial matter and even more so, to stick with it. We wish Armeena Khan the best.


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