18 Of The Most Annoying Questions Foreigners Have Actually Asked Pakistani People

By Kashaf | 21 Nov, 2017

Sometimes foreigners ask you the dumbest questions about being Pakistani, banda poochay Google hai na.

Here are some of the most annoying questions they usually ask:


1. Do you speak Pakistanian?

source: Hum Network Limited


2. Will you be forced to get an arranged marriage?

source: Shoman Productions


3. Where is Pakistan?

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MAPS people…they were made for a reason.


4. So why aren’t you wearing that thing on your head?

source: Siren Media


5. Oh you’re from Pakistan… isn’t that where Malala got shot?

source: Brookwell McNamara Entertainment


6. Do you only eat spicy food?

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Basically yeah, lol


7. Can you please get me some Pakistani clothes?

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8. Is Pakistan like India?

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9. Do you ride camels to school?

source: Imagine Television


10. Isn’t it super dangerous there?

via Deenga


11. Are you Arab?

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12. Since you have servants and drivers there are you a princess?

source: Coty Inc


13. How do you know English?

source: Walt Disney Pictures


14. Do you know Osama bin Laden?

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15. Do you sing Bollywood songs in the streets?

source: YNH Films



16. Aren’t there like bombs and kidnappings there?

source: ABC Studios


17. Do you have internet in Pakistan?

No, we actually travel on our camels in search of internet, sometimes crossing over to India and finding the bounty you call “internet”.

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18. Do you know Zayn Malik?

source: teenvogue.com

I mean…he might be my third cousin.


Has anyone asked you these questions when you go abroad?


cover image via Zaid Ali T

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