13 Things Only A Die Hard Anime Fan In Pakistan Knows To Be True

By Malaika Tahir | 3 Dec, 2016

In a world full of Walking Dead and Game of Thrones fans, you’re the odd one out who entered the world of anime and then forgot where the exit door was. People just don’t understand your obsessions. Here are a few struggles only a die hard anime fan can relate to:


1. You want to reach for the nearest object to turn it into a weapon when people call them cartoons

Them: Yaar tum log kia har waqt chinese cartoons dekhte rehte ho

Me: Call them cartoons one more time!

Source: Hughes Entertainment


2. You don’t find anyone else who you could share your anime and manga obsession with

It’s so rare to find people who watch them.

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3. You’ve become used to the horrible English subtitles

You almost feel like learning Japanese but then you bear with them. It’s a sacrifice you make to feed your obsession.

Source: asntown.net


4. Release delays make you SO anxious

When an episode ends with a cliffhanger and the suspense is killing you, you not only have to wait for the official release of the next one, but for the translation as well and the wait endlessly tortures your soul.

Via: Tumblr


5. Sometimes your own family finds it hard to accept you because of your obsession 

People who don’t watch it, can just never understand…

Source: ifunny.com


6. You might even get a little too attached to your favorite anime characters 

Their pain becomes your pain.

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7. You have to resist the strong urge to play Japanese or anime songs when in the car with friends or family

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8. You know the struggle of not being able to find anime merchandise in Pakistan

Source: photosfromposts.com


9. And the lack of AUTHENTIC anime events and festivals in Pakistan

Source: dawn.com


10. Oh, and you have to deal with weaboos

Source: diylol.com


11. You probably don’t have enough time to watch ‘real shows’ like Walking Dead or Game of Thrones to keep up with normal people

When there’s so much anime to watch, time becomes a complex matter.

Source: truegif.com


12. You fall in love with fictional characters faster than real ones

You can’t even discuss your new found love for an anime character because your friends will just not understand.

Source: smosh.com


13. And finally, you might have tried to draw your love with your hands

But you’re just not good enough.

Source: deviantart.com

But that doesn’t kill your obsession at all.


People may find your obsession a bit strange but nothing can stop you from loving anime because once you fall into this pit, there’s no coming back 😉

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