An Influencer In Karachi Got Bashed On Twitter! Here Is What Did!

By MangoBaaz Studio | 2 Dec, 2021

Recently a well-known med-school blogger was bashed on Twitter for choosing a different color for his hair & people went over the line and posted rude comments. came forward by providing customers with a judgement-free shopping experience. Their recently launched campaign #JoMaangoMerayYaar has won the hearts of many people for raising awareness about the toxic act of stereotyping.

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Have you ever experienced stereotypical statements that smashed your confidence to act slightly different from your professional identity? took an initiative to break the professional stereotypes by providing everyone with a judgement-free online shopping experience and encouraging people to buy the items they have always desired but couldn’t due to the illogical professional tags. They conveyed this beautiful message through this video and we are so proud of it!



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With the support of breaking these stereotypes, has dropped a mighty discount deal of the year for all of their valuable customers, which is up to 70% OFF! on all of their shopping items. lets you experience the best online shopping in Pakistan with free home delivery for Karachiites. They are always coming up with original products and great discount deals on their website. The reason they stand out is their free and fast 24Hrs delivery.



By targeting the stereotypes that every individual faces according to their profession, gender, lifestyle, etc. aims to provide everyone a comfort zone where they can buy whatever they want without getting judged for their choices.

How “Jo Maango Meray Yaar” Encourages You to be Your True Self?

Wondering how helps break stereotypes through its campaign?  Read along to find out!

Most doctors are characterized by tired-looking faces, decent dresses, and simple-looking personalities. In reality, doctors also want to look good and buy stylish dresses and makeup without being backlashed because they are expected to stay on their feet 24/7. Similarly, why are butchers always considered the ones with unpleasant smells?

Or any other profession stigmatized with such stereotypes. You name it, and the list will go on and on. believes that the people who perform even the toughest of jobs deserve to feel and look good. That is exactly why has offered a great discount on all of their products so that everyone can buy and use them, regardless of their profession.

Not Just a Word of Motivation But a Real Encouragement! motivates you, through great discount deals on shopping, to fulfill all the guilty pleasures that you have always cherished.

There are many hurdles while shopping online for your favorite items, but a higher price should never be the one. That is when comes to the rescue with some of their best and great discount deals in town.

So all the brilliant shopaholic people out there, brace yourself because the real and great discount deal has just arrived!

Now all the things that you have always wished to buy but couldn’t, due to those illogical societal norms, or just skipped that favorite item because of the unreasonably higher price, can be yours, all thanks to

So don’t wait much longer, go to now and shop your heart out!



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