13 Things Your Ami Told You Not To Do But You Didn’t Listen

13 Things Your Ami Told You Not To Do But You Didn’t Listen

13 Things Your Ami Told You Not To Do But You Didn’t Listen

Your ami told you many good things about life. Well, she told you everything about life, to be exact. But unfortunately, sometimes (most times?) her advice and pearls of wisdom fell on deaf ears. She might have felt like she was helping you stay away from certain things but you knew your “jee ami” response actually meant, “jee ami, I’ll try not to get caught doing it”.

Here are 13 of those things that your ami told you not to do as children but you didn’t listen, and you do these things to this day:


1. Not to stay up late

How would #GoNawazGo have become a phenomenon if we had all gone to bed at 10pm, like our parents told us to?

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2. Not to eat junk food

Oye Hoye?


3. Not to watch dirty things on the internet

Qandeel Baloch would like to thank you for not following your parents orders(and she would also like to thank you for listening to your parents and not using foul language in the comments to her videos).

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4. Not to smoke


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5. Not to have premarital sex

Most of you probably have adhered to this one, unless you’re from a high school in Islamabad and had 12 guys in your life and access to Marriott.

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Tbh, you only come at her because she said it. You don’t know maybe someone much closer to you led a scandalously promiscuous sex life. That’s why we need Sex Ed in Pakistan.


6. Not to eat too many sweets

Lol, tell that to your stash of chocolates and chewing gums.

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7. Not to drink too much tea because “kaalay ho jao gae

Born in Pakistan and not drink tea at least 3579 times a day? Aisa ho hi nahi sakta.

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8. Not to shout under any situation


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9. Not to eat snacks between lunch and dinner

You not only eat snacks, you eat anything and everything you like at any time you like. After all bhook has no time, right?

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10. Not to talk to strangers

You’re making them very proud sending all those fraandshipper requests to girls you don’t know on Facebook.

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11. Not to swear or use dirty words like “bhechodharamikutta

But all these politicians and actors and anyone who is rich is kutta. BC, maine sach baat hi na?

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12. Not to talk bad about anyone or pull anyone down

That is literally you ever do on social media under profile names that aren’t even your own, like “Mawreliciously Beauts” or “Valkyrie Madmax”. If you’re so embarrassed by all the crap you talk about every Pakistani actress or any online company you don’t agree with, why even do it?

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13. Not to waste your time and focus on your studies only

Taher Shah didn’t get so much attention because you were studying about him in Science class, did he?

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What did your ami tell you not to do as a child but you do even to this day?

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