Ahmad Shahzad Showed Off His Body After Virat Kohli’s Fitness Routine Went Viral But No One Is Impressed

By Rameeza Ahmad | 18 Jun, 2019

Ahmad Shahzad is conveniently reminding all of us of how ‘fit’ he is.

There has been a lot of speculation regarding exactly why their performance has been so phenomenally bad. And a lot of people seem to believe it’s because of how physically unfit the team clearly is and how undisciplined they seem to be in terms of taking care of their physical health especially during the days of the cricket world cup.


Videos and pictures of the team enjoying fast food right before the match went viral

People criticized the team for being so seemingly undisciplined with their diets and how they were using wasting their free time during the World Cup; treating it as a family vacation rather than a major sporting event.

And cricketing legends, most notably Shoaib Akhtar calling the team out.


Soon pictures of Shoaib Malik at a sheesha lounge at 2 AM allegedly a day before the match also leaked

Veena Malik even called out his wife Sania Mirza for not being more careful about her husband, who’s an athlete’s diet and the two got into a very nasty feud.

While Veena may have done it for attention, her questions do raise serious questions: where is the dietician? The coach? The captain of Pakistani cricket team? Who’s making sure the players are disciplined and keep their eyes on the prize because they clearly can’t be trusted on their own.


Virat Kohli sharing his intense fitness routine just added more fuel to the fire

While all of this conversation takes place, Pakistanis couldn’t help but notice the stark differences between the basic discipline the Indian team possesses in contrast to the Pakistani team. A lot of people referred to India’s captain Virat Kohli as being an athlete who one should strive to be like.


And I suppose, Ahmad Shahzad took this as a cue to show off his own body


And uh, people were quick to remind him that having a good body isn’t the only things which makes Virat Kohli great


Others thought this was Ahmad angling to get back in the squad


Some people even thought he was just showing off his ‘revenge body’ to the Pakistani cricket team

Whatever his intentions were, the timing of the video seem too convenient.

What do you think about Ahmad Shahzad’s video? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Via: @iamahmadshahzad via Twitter / india.com

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