15 Things That Will Never Change Regardless of How Advanced Technology Becomes

15 Things That Will Never Change Regardless of How Advanced Technology Becomes

15 Things That Will Never Change Regardless of How Advanced Technology Becomes

Advanced technology has helped bring artificial intelligence to the world. Thinking, talking, working robots are a reality now. Imagine how the world will change given the rapid evolution we are going through not only technologically but also as a human race.

However, some things can never change. Like you ammi will always find a way to give you some of her pearls of wisdom, or your dad will always fall asleep when watching the TV. Here are 13 thing that will never change regardless of how advanced technology in today’s world becomes:


1. Meera’s age

She will always be sveet… saweet… sweat… sweet 16.

Source: Express Tribune


2. Hammer

Nailed it, right?

Via: Giphy


3. Wheel

Hailed as the biggest invention of mankind, this humble wheel may change looks but there is no substitute to one. Maybe hoverboards?

Source: reckonings


4. Balls

No comments.

Via: Giphy


5. Bags

To put all your technology in and carry all your shit.

Source: The News


6. A ruler

The geometric kind as well as the democratic(hopefully) kind.

Via: Giphy


7. Taps

How else will you get water in your homes? Unless… every home ends up having a stream running through it.

Via: Giphy


8. Pencils/Pens

Ask a Pakistani school teacher if you can use your computer in your exam and you’ll get the answer to why pencils will exist forever, unchanged.

Via: Giphy


9. Lota

The national symbol of posterior hygiene shall forever prevail.

Source: Muhammad Ayub


10. Books

The book worms among you know how the smell of a book cannot be replicated by a kindle. Ever.

Via: Giphy


11. Puphos

Pupho ke taanay aur ammi ki daant kabhi nahi badlein gae.

Via: Females Cafe


12. Spoon

Your chamach will always exist as the device to substitute your hands for depositing  your food from your plate to your mouth.

Via: Tumblr


13. Kuttay ki dum

Via: Buzfeed


14. Knife

Churri meethi ho ya taiz, hoti churri hi hai.

Source: The News


15. Mahnoor Baloch’s face

WHAT IS THIS WOMAN? Is she a witch? Has she found the fountain of eternal youth?

Source: Lollywood Planet


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