Private Groups On Facebook That Promote Child Pornography In Pakistan Are Flourishing

By Aam Nawab | 8 Feb, 2018

A private Facebook group have been found promoting child pornography and we’re sure there are more.

Ever since Zainab’s tragedy, sexual abuse and discussion on sexual awareness for our children and adults, alike, has become a prevalent topic of discussion. It is unfortunate that such a terrible incident had to happen but at the same time it’s heartening to know that the incident has led to some very important, much needed discussion. It has become evermore important to keep an eye out on elements that may be out to actually rob our society of its innocence.


Social media has been ridiculed as a haven for “liberalism” to prevail but at the same time actually horrible things flourish, undetected, because most everyone’s focus is on ridiculing things that shouldn’t be a concern

A group was previously found indulging in making insensitive jokes about the death of Zainab in Kasur. This was followed by jokes about Zubaida Apa, after her sudden death.

One such Facebook group was found promoting child pornography. It is called “Ao phir se pondi karn

Via: Facebook


Members in the group indulge in sharing pornographic content of children in Pakistan

They share it with people that they call their “friends”, which means to be able to get content you must be known and a trustworthy part of the group.

Via: Facebook


The description of this group refers to Uncle Majboor

It says that the purpose of this group will be told by Uncle Majboor. This is a hint at the content of the group being of an explicit nature. Members post pictures explaining the content they have, new and old. Those wanting the content then contact those who have child porn.

Via: Facebook


The group has over 75 thousand members

This shows that a lot of people are consuming this content and there is no check and balance on the existence of such groups. Since it is a secret group, it is not easy for users to find it. This gives the members a lot of privacy. However, the content is not just limited to the group. Members have also exchanged numbers and share this content with each other on What’s App.

Via: Facebook

Authorities now need to realize the extent of the problem in order to solve it. Catching criminals is very good but at the same time, when our authorities are more interested in banning innocent things like Valentine’s Days and not actual heinous crime against the state’s citizens, it just goes to reveal how deep set our culture’s problems are.

It is not just limited to on ground crimes. Many record such instances and put it out there for the world to consume. Many have created a business out of it. This is exploitation of our children and must be stopped.


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