Abdullah Asim Of Social Spark Is A Great Digital Influencer & Entrepreneur

By MangoBaaz Studio | 22 Jul, 2021

Abdullah Asim was born on January 17, 2000 in Bahawalpur. He is an entrepreneur, an expert in digital marketing with over 7 years

Influencing marketing is nothing more than a smart marketing strategy or word of mouth that companies use to spread their products or services through Internet celebrities. When you brag about your suggestions, people will think your job is to talk about them actively. Even if you provide the best products on the market, it will not affect a wider audience. They believe they will continue to introduce their products. Influencers are very beneficial to your company.

Abdullah Asim

Abdullah Asim was born on January 17, 2000 in Bahawalpur. He is an entrepreneur, an expert in digital marketing with over 7 years of experience. He runs a successful digital agency that provides a wide range of services including, but not limited to, social media marketing and all other services related to social media.

Source: Abdullah Asim

He was passionate but lacked family support and resources. The boy worked hard in the next house and devotedly overcame the obstacles of his first experience. He had has a passion for the internet. He was fascinated by the mind, creativity, and strategy behind the story of regulation on the Internet that attracted millions of viewers and users.

Throughout his journey to success, he has endured all sorts of criticism and disapproval from people as casually as possible; something he doesn’t need. Persistence is his only friend. Abdullah Asim worked under difficult circumstances and including financial collapse and bankruptcy. Whatever the circumstances, He believes that creation creates doors with its own key. He is one of the finest and one of the famous influencers of Pakistan.

Social Spark

At Social Spark, they help your company run digitally and show it to your target audience. They provide branding, development, design, and marketing services to local and nationwide companies.  Now that you know who he is and what he does, we start to help young people. Social spark is a company which runs small businesses in all countries to help everyone who deserves it and who are able for it.

Source: Abdullah Asim

How Abdullah Asim Work as an Influencer

Universe uses certain principles to maintain people’s lives, and most of these principles govern people’s daily lives. He started as a self-service marketing manager, influencer and has helped many celebrities. Step by step, he founded a new digital marketing company called Social Spark. But the transition from rookie to marketer was also unsuccessful. Social media marketing expert, he launched a free program called Freelancer Hotspot.

He has a Facebook group where he will help you become a social media marketing expert for a living.

Source: Abdullah Asim

How Abdullah Asim helps small businesses to grow

Enterprise is a path that few people follow in their daily lives. Very few people who seek this path succeed. The outing with the company was not pleasant. Groundbreaking achievements are full of obstacles and setbacks. Not many people have the energy and dedication to overcome all the difficulties and setbacks. Those who will not let failure stop them and continue to work hard; these people eventually become what we call “success stories.”  After hardships, tribulations, emotional and financial constraints, in every material aspect, every step of his career has moved forward with greater strength. The behind-the-scenes Internet scene that you envision all this happening is now your daily reality and your business. Through his work, he is connected with great Pakistani celebrities. Senior officials want the best businessmen to appear on social media, and everyone will remember the name of Abdullah Asim.


Skills are your most powerful weapon in battle. Young people whose potential is considered a hobby learn better than most people. Abdullah Asim overcomes, financial, and material obstacles. He travels with greater energy at every stage of his career. In the Internet scene behind the scenes, he imagines what happens. Everything is now his daily routine and career. Through his work, he has connections with major celebrities in Pakistan. The best people on social media want the best business people, and the name Abdullah Asim is deeply etched in everyone’s mind.

Cover image via Abdullah Asim

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