18 Times Your Abba Was The Reason You Have Unrealistically High Expectations Of Men

By Warda Baig | 18 Jun, 2016

Remember reading how Disney and Bollywood gave us unrealistic expectations about men? Well for us desis, it’s never the knight in shining armor or Prince Charming that set the bar too high; it’s our abba jan who makes every other man pale in comparison.

This father’s day, make sure you say it all and out loud. Tell him he means he world to you and he is the reason why choosing Mr.Right seems to be such a chore. Here’s how your abba makes it difficult for any other man to match up:


He still wears a crisp tailored suit to any and every event

Ladies we all know there’s nothing more gentlemanly than a man all suited up.

Source: Funbaz


He still has all his old briefcases stacked up somewhere

At least mine has and I’m pretty sure I want to transfer my laptop into one of those. This act of his shows how he can take care of things for a very, very long time.

Source: Productplacementblog


He quit smoking just because you asked him to

And he showed how he cares for you more than he cares for an urge to smoke.

Source: Yousufbawany


No matter whose fault, he would ALWAYS be the one making it up to you.

And spoiling you rotten with chocolates later.

Source: Express Tribune


He’s told you each of his college k kissay at least a dozen times yet he entertains you every time.

And you pretend not to know the plot, by heart.

Source: Mirror


Nobody can do the “sar pay pyaar kernay wala” gesture the way he does it

Although at times you might feel it will ruin your hairdo but never, ever, take it for granted.

Via: Pinterest


He still freaks out every time you leave the house

And don’t respond to each of his 19349048 messages.

Source: Squarespace


He would always give you “ijaazat” for all those sleepovers and hangouts when Amma won’t

And that’s when amma would make a face saying: “Aap kay laad pyaar nay he bigaara hai!”

Source: Aryzauq


He’d always be there to tell you what the real world looks like

He’s pampered you alright since the day you were born but doesn’t mean he won’t prepare you for the grind. Even if that means confiscating your phone or taking away your consoles.

Source: BBC



He would always be the first one to applaud your culinary adventures

Even if that means downing a sorry excuse of a cake.


He was your very first driving instructor

Admit it, you owe your kickass driving skills to your poppa.

Source: Dawn


His reserve of knowledge is so vast, at times you wonder why he never wrote a book


Source: Raafayawan


Although you might call him overprotective all too often, deep down inside you know why he’s doing it

Source: Six Sigma Plus


He will never let you carry the shopping bags, even if that means he has to carry 10 on each arm

Source: Aryzauq

You are his baby girl, however old you are.


No matter how old you get or how much you’re making, you know that whenever you’re going out with him, he’d be the one buying you food. Period.

Source: Hindustantimes


There’s no better hug than a dad’s protective embrace

And that smell of Old Spice.

Source: Yahoo


The first and probably last time you saw him cry, was when you signed the Nikahnama..

Via: Facebook


And you know you never want to see a tear in his eyes. Ever.

Source: Telegraph

Happy father’s day to the man who makes every other one look like a boy.


Cover image via: TheLeakyCauldron / YouTube

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