Aamir Liaquat's Wife Tuba Just Supported Hania Aamir And Talked About Her Skin Issues Too

By Iman Zia | 14 May, 2019

After Hania Aamir bared it all women like Tuba Aamir Liaquat are standing up for her

After the nation getting behind Hania and supporting her from Yasir Hussain’s mockery of her acne, another prominent figure has spoken up in favor of the actress.


Aamir Liaquat’s wife, Syeda Tuba Aamir Liaquat was on a Ramazan show on PTV earlier when she lashed out at those who fed into unrealistic beauty standards

As soon as Hania posted about her acne troubles, Tuba remembered how she had just recently shared what issues unrealistic beauty standards can cause.

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Hania’s post on acne garnered tremendous applause, and when actor Yasir Hussain tried to bring her down, the world came to the actress’s defense

Celebrities like Mahira Khan, Asim Azhar, Syra Shahroz and Mehwish Hayat joined netizens to praise Hania for opening up about her imperfect skin.

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And now, Aamir Liaquat’s wife Tuba took to social media to also support the actress, and tear down beliefs that your skin is what you are.

“Photoshopped skin nahi hoti kisi ki bhi, sab ke pores hote hain,” affirmed Tuba. She also insisted that those girls who longed for ‘magazine’ skin must realize that it’s all fake – none of it is real. She revealed how Hania’s story with “skincare struggles” was “super relatable,” and praised Hania for making a “very grounded yet an unpopular opinion.”


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Hania has been sharing supportive messages sent her way on her Instagram stories, and also just shared Tuba’s post too.


Hania Aamir Just Bared It All About Her Skin And I Salute Her Confidence

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Cover image via: @syedatubaamir via Instagram / @haniaheheofficial via Instagram

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