A Reporter Has Accused Shaheen Afridi Of Allegedly Passing A Racist Remark

By Noor | 21 Dec, 2019

Shaheen Afridi is a famous cricketer who often makes headlines because of his magical bowling spell. Well, the cricketer is back in the news for passing an allegedly racist remark while in conversation with a reporter.

Basically a video was shared on Twitter in which Shaheen asks the reporter to put some light on himself to ensure that he can be seen easily.

Source: Pakistan Cricket/ Youtube

Shaheen’s selection of words has offended that reporter who is now demanding a public apology

The reporter has claimed that the cricketer’s words were pretty insulting and they fall under the category of racism. He further said that by using these words Shaheen has violated the ICC rules and if the cricketer will not apologize, the reporter will pursue this matter via formal court proceedings.

Here’s the video:

People pointed out that earlier, ex-Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed had drawn criticism because of his racist comment on South Africa all-rounder and now Shaheen is following in his footsteps

They asked the PCB to take serious action against the cricketer

Many fellow reporters supported the man demanding an apology and mentioned that this casual racism has now become a part of our national attitude


We tried finding the complete video of the incident. Interestingly, it shows a slightly different picture.

The reporter initiated the conversation by asking, ” Kya main apko nazar araha hun?” To which Shaheen replied, “Thora light apnay aap pai karien thora nazar ayien mujhay.” 

A majority faction of people figured that out and they mentioned that the video shared by the reporter was edited in a way to portray Shaheen in a bad light

People who witnessed the incident asserted that the reporter wrongly painted the entire situation

A journalist shared her story of interaction with the reporter and explained that this particular reporter likes this certain kind of attention

The others rightly pointed out that the reporter himself has used a derogatory term while defending himself

What’s your take on the issue? Let us know in the comments below.



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