Mahira Khan Just Dragged A Troll Beautifully Who Called Her “2 Takkay Ki” Aurat

By Sajeer Shaikh | 19 Dec, 2019

Mahira Khan ne troll ko troll kar diya

When I tell you that I frikkin’ love this woman, you best believe I’m not lying. I have stanned Mahira for the longest time, and it’s not just because she’s immensely talented and drop-dead gorgeous.

This woman right here has dealt with way too much unnecessary critique, and she still receives a lot of flak. Why? I’ll never know. But anyway, in today’s dosage of WTF news, a troll came for Mahira, but Mahira had time to hit back effectively.


It all started with this tweet that Mahira had posted:


When, boom. Enter troll. Some random troll posted this as a response:

Completely uncalled for. The troll went on to abuse Mahira Khan, called her ‘2 takkay ki’ and was pretty darn disrespectful. That’s the problem with the internet. ANYONE can post ANY type of vile shit under the guise of an opinion and get away with it. There’s barely any accountability.


Anyway, Mahira Khan ne troll ko troll back kiya and clapped TF back with the utmost grace and poise. 

Aap ki zehniat aap ke lafzon mein saaf nazar aati hai. Meri kamai halal ki hai, warna aap ko achay school bhejnay ka zima mein uthati! Jahan tak baat rahi 2 takay ki.. hum jaisi auretein apney aap par qeemat nahi lagati, na hi kisi aur insaan par.”




As expected, people love her for it, and are flocking in to support Mahira Khan over the troll

As vile as that comment was, we love a queen who knows how to clap back AND throw shade in such a classy way. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments.


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