A Biryani Emoji Is Being Launched But People Have A Lot Of Concerns

By Noomyalay Khan | 20 Dec, 2019

A biryani emoji might be coming to your phones

This is probably the first time you’re reading the words ‘biryani’ and ‘not happy’ together in a sentence. Do you feel the horror? Do you feel the pain? It’s like I have an elaichi in my mouth and I can’t throw it away. Wo wala dard.


There was a campaign to bring a biryani emoji that was started by students in India

This November, hundreds of students in New Delhi took to the streets to protest for the inclusion of a biryani emoji. According to reports, they dressed as chickens and lambs and they asked their food to be represented in the same way as cuisines of other cultures are (sushi, tacos). They are moving to push the Unicode Consortium (the organization responsible for making and issuing emojis) to make a new Biryani emoji.

Source: socialsamosa.com


After all that campaigning, this is what the proposed biryani emoji might look like

source: Getty Images


As a Karachiite, I have taken personal offense over this. Matlab wot iz?

source: Television 360

I mean, I am happy at the fact that we are (finally) getting the representation globally that is our due, but yaar? A bit more effort would have been highly appreciated by all of us, no? This seems more like a halfhearted attempt to shut us up.


It seems like most people agree with me

The debate about which biryani is better, Sindhi or Memoni or Deghi or Dilliwalli or the many more we have aside, that emoji does not look like ANY biryani we’ve ever had.

Have you ever had biryani in a bowl? And a soup bowl at that?

It keeps getting weirder and weirder…


Someone even pointed out how it looks like a zarda more than it looks like a biryani


And now we can’t unsee it

Honestly, we hadn’t even paid attention to that green dot before.

source: cheezburger.com


Others are proposing what this emoji looks like and it’s almost everything but an actual biryani

umm… yeah. It could just be that. Of all things, our infamous fruit trifle is getting emoji representation.


And for those who are Pulao army over Biryani

We can safely say, NO-ONE IS HAPPY!


Imagine having biryani and sending this emoji to someone

Only for them to go “abey saalay”

Source: arydigital.tv

Those are our thoughts (and they are not happy thoughts *cough*). Do you think that emoji looks like biryani? And more than that, would you eat Biryani like that?! Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via: arydigital.tv / Getty Images

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