This Pakistani Student Stuck In the UK Got Free Ghar Ka Khaana From Desi Aunties And This Is What Pandemic Kindness Is All About

By Rameeza Ahmad | 17 May, 2020

This Pakistani student in the UK asked for ghar ka khaana and desi aunties proved that there is a lot of kindness left in the world.

Times are tough for people all around the world right now. It is even worse for those who are stuck in other countries and cannot travel back home. Pakistani students studying abroad find themselves in this category. And of course, combine a global pandemic with finals seasons and Ramazan, international students are really having a hard time.

Similarly, this female Pakistani student studying in the UK found herself overwhelmed with school. She and her sister have been quarantined for a while and missed their family back home and especially their ami kay haath ka ghar ka khaana.


So she posted on a Facebook group for desi women in the area she is in.

She said she was willing to pay for two plates of biryani that she and her sister were desperately craving for Iftar. While she expected no replies or maybe even a lecture on how they should learn to cook, the response they got was completely unexpected.

Over a dozen desi women responded offering them biryani and much more ghar ka khaana.

Several women offered to give them iftar and all of them said they would not accept any sort of payment! While some offered to drop off food, others asked them to simply pick it up whenever they want! Other women offered to invite the girls over for a dawat once the entire pandemic ended.

She and her sister cycled over and followed distancing protocols to pick up the delicious Iftar. The kind lady had added khajoor, samosay and pakoray as well. How sweet!

Doesn’t this ghar ka khaana look delicious? Nothing tastes better than biryani made by a loving Pakistani auntie.

Apart from obviously making the girls happy with the ghar ka khaana, the gesture touched several people and made their day as well!

Others wanted such kindness as this ghar ka khaana for themselves too.

Honestly, these instances of kindness from strangers really do melt your heart and remind you of the good things in life when these days all we are used to hearing about is doom and gloom!

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