People Are Sharing Memories Of Their Favorite Teachers And This Is What You Call Wholesome Content

By Biya Haq | 29 Jan, 2019

You never forget your favorite teacher.

Most of us used to hate our teachers during school.

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They were mean, never wanted us to have fun and always got us into trouble. However, as we grew up, those same teachers would be our confidants, our mentors and the people wishing us well into the ‘real world.’

And some students were lucky enough to have those special teachers in school,

Nope, I am NOT crying YOU ARE.

IT’S YOU, YOU are crying.

This user took the time out to write out his own experience that ended up shaping the way he lived his life, years after help was given. It just goes to show that a little guidance goes a long way and for this particular user, it went a long long way and even inspired others to do the same.

After a user shared his wonderful experience with his own teacher in school, users all over Twitter have been sharing their own experiences with teachers and professors that they loved.

And damn, this is v wholesome stuff, be prepared.

And okay maybe some not so great experiences.

But mostly good.

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We all know how important teachers but we never realize just how special they are. I am 24 years old but my friends and I still reminisce school days and all the teachers that made our lives hell before giving us the direction we needed to take on the real world.

Whether you’re in school or in College, it may be tough to, but try and take some time out of your day to tell your teacher thank you for everything they do for you and all of your friends, they’ll love it and so will you.

Also hehe, now since we’re talking about teachers…

^ Maybe this will change up some perspectives.

Have you seen the thread on Twitter? Tell us about your teacher experiences, good and bad in the comments below! Love you.

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