Here Are 11 Types Of Pakistani Teachers Found In Every Staff Room (And Their Morning Taglines)

By Nai Dulhan | 2 Apr, 2018

As a teacher, it doesn’t matter where or what you teach – what’s interesting is that you are likely to find a very typical mix of teacher types that dwell every staff room. Call us stereotypical, but we identified the different types of teachers in a Pakistani school’s staff room and their typical taglines on a Monday morning.

Take a look at them and tell us if you’re one of these or if you come across one of these in your school’s staff room on a daily basis.


1. The bubbly one

source: Dharma Productions

Tagline on a Monday morning: “Helloooo…kya haal hai? Haiiii….kitna acha din hai na ajj? I just love Mondays!”

No. acha din nai hai. IT’S MONDAY! WE’RE ANGRY AND WE WANT TO SLEEP! Ugh.

2. The talkative one

Source: Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd.

Tagline on a Monday morning: “OMG! You won’t believe what all I did over the weekend. First, I went to eat channa chaat and then I saw the cutest boy….

Zzzz…no. just no.

3. The one who’s always eating

Source: Yash Raj Films

Tagline on a Monday morning: “Aya Baji, mujhe 9 bajay biryani la dijiye, aur haan, saath aik samosa aur chai bhe…just in case!”

Dude, who has biryani at 9 A.M?

4. The one with resting bitch face and an attitude to match.

Source: Sugandh Films

Tagline on a Monday morning: Nothing. They don’t talk to anyone!

Okay lady, relax much?

5. The one who’s always in a hurry/always working

Source: Hum Network Limited

*whilst checking her endless piles of copies*

Tagline on a Monday morning: “Abhi maine yeh kerna hai, phir maine voh kerna hai…aur phir voh bhe toh kerna hai!”

Acha jee? Hum toh wailay baithay hue hain sub.

6. The gossiper


Tagline on a Monday morning: “Tumhe pata hai?? Aminah weekend pe apnay boyfriend ke saath dinner pe gai hue thee! Itni koji lag rai thee!”

Wait, isn’t Aminah your best work buddy? Wow. #backstabberbitch alert.

7. The complainer

Source: Showcase Productions

Tagline on a Monday morning: “Manhoos school, paisay bhe nai daitay aur nichor ke rakh daitay hain.”

Also her: “Totally waiting for a great increment this year! I’m positive about this. I like the headmistress”

Really? whatever happened to your “I hate this school” rant?

8. The old-timer

Source: Sol Productions

Tagline on a Monday morning: “You know, my student got into Harvard…such a proud moment for me.”

Umm aunty jee, you taught him in the first grade. YOU DON’T COUNT!

9. The one who doesn’t need the job

Source: @natashasalon/ Instagram

Tagline on a Monday morning:Uff, I’m having such a stressful morning, my custom LV bag will take another week to arrive.”

Hmm…tell me more while I struggle to pay my phone bills for this month.

10. The Spy

Source: ‎Walt Disney Pictures‎

Tagline on a Monday morning:Suno, did Fatima come to school at 7:30 or 7:35?…mai toh waisay he pooch rahi thee” *whilst updating the headmistress on the same*

Wait wait, hold up, how is this your business again? oh wait..IT’S NOT

11. The one who is always tired


Tagline on a Monday morning: “Yaar koi acha sa doctor toh batao, mere jism mai hur waqt dard hota rehta hai” …”Yaar mere aankhon mai bohat dard hai”…etc

Well, if you stop Facebooking till 4 A.M, you might actually be able to wake up a little fresh? No? Just a suggestion.


Are you one of these? or have you met one of these? Let us know in the comments below.


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cover image source: Hum Network Limited

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