I Was Today Years Old When I Found Out Bobby Deol Has A Gorgeous AF Son And I Think I'm In Love

By Aam Nawab | 17 May, 2020

Did Bobby Deol ka son just become the most successful Deol even before debuting? Yes.

You know Bobby Deol right? He’s a Bollywood actor, with a famous dad, brother, and cousin? Yes, he’s from one of those families.

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It has been several years since Bobby Deol has had his name associated with a successful movie.


But it’s time we introduce you to a project that Bobby Deol has been associated with for the last 18 years; his son Aryaman Deol.

Aryaman Deol is a third-generation Bollywood kid. So of course, this begs the question – about when will Aryaman make his anticipated Bollywood debut?

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According to an interview Bobby Deol gave recently, he said that he wants his children to focus on their education right now and make career choices later on. He said Aryaman was very focused on his education. So we know this boy is smart!

But when pressed Bobby Deol did say that hopefully when Aryaman makes his debut, it will be in the remake of his iconic film, Soldier. CAN YOU IMAGINE? No?? This picture of Aryaman in camo might give you an idea!

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While rumors in Bollywood are rife regarding what studio and director Aryaman will make his debut under, there is yet to be any confirmed news about it.

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However, since Aryaman is only 18 (but turning 19 very very soon) right now so maybe the debut isn’t as imminent. He is probably still studying and undecided about his career path. Since the family is very particular about their privacy, we don’t know!

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The only pictures of him online are the ones that his father or friends’ post. Btw, he’s pretty chummy with Saif Ali Khan’s son Nirvaan apparently!

Source: pinkvilla.com

If his dad’s posts are anything to go by, it seems like Aryaman Deol is the perfect son.

I think it’s time we can retire Abhay Deol as the hottest Deol because clearly Aryaman is about to take the crown!

A lot of people were shook after seeing Aryaman Deol.

Are you excited about Aryaman Deol’s possible Bollywood debut? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: iambobbydeol via Instagram.com

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