A Mother Was Assaulted By Her Own Daughter Over Property And It's Just Extremely Messed Up

By Ramsha Bhatti | 7 Apr, 2019

Recently, footage of a woman, by the name of Fauzia Haroon, has surfaced where she can be seen being bullied and assaulted by a group of men. The CCTV video displays the happenings of the event where a woman has been thrashed and is on the floor, while a mob of men can be seen to be threatening her. The video is bound to send jitters down your spine as the victim’s fear and helplessness seeps out of the video and can be felt by the onlookers. The assault victim in the video Fauzia Haroon, a widow residing in her home in Nishtar colony, Lahore; a home which has wreaked havoc in her life.

source: Dunyatv.com

The sad state of the matter is that the entire event had been planned and executed by her own daughter.

A woman, besides Fauzia Haroon, can be seen in the video with a completely strange demeanor. The video displays horrifying visuals of Fauzia being threatened and abused by another woman, who is also behaving oddly with anyone who tried to intervene. This woman is Fauzia’s own daughter, her own flesh and blood.

source: Ary.com

After the incident, Fauzia released a video narrating her ordeal, where she explained what the matter was that resulted in the assault. 

Fauzia claims that the dispute is over her husband’s 5 Kanal house which her daughter is trying to take over. Apparently, the entire event had been planned by her own daughter and her husband, who even appointed men from the land mafia to help them in the process.

Fauzia claims that this dispute has been an on-going battle. 

source: Pakistan Today

As per Fauzia, the disputed property has been inherited from her slain husband and has been a source of conflict between her daughter and her for some time now. This hasn’t been the first time the couple has tried to take their share of the property, as Fauzia claims that her son-in-law has repeatedly threatened her to give her daughter her fair share.

Following the incident, Fauzia had tried to reach out to the local authorities to report the incident but to no avail. Hence, she uploaded a video on social media, narrating her plight and also made powerful statements which left everyone thinking “ke yaar, hum log kahan ja rahe hai?”

As the videos surfaced, people on social media platforms could not believe Fauzia’s daughter had acted over a matter of money.

People cannot believe how a daughter can do this to her own mother.

While Fauzia has not let this incident affect her and is steadfast in her fight against this lust for property, it’s an eye-opening situation. It seems like we have lost all respect and love for sacred relationships and the sanctity of motherhood has been dismantled and mocked for something as petty and worthless as a little piece of land.

To see children abuse and assault their own parents for material things is absolutely awful. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments.


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