29 Pakistani Students With Insanely Stunning Instagram Profiles That You Should Follow ASAP

By Fatima A | 6 Apr, 2019

Being a student isn’t easy. It’s REALLY hard striking that perfect balance between getting good grades, keeping up perfect (ok, 75% tbh) attendance, having a social life AND getting adequate sleep every night. On top of all these issues, this millennium also brings in the very real dilemma of keeping up a great Instagram feed. However, that seems to be no issue for these supremely talented college students doing absolutely cool things in their life while also giving us major Insta inspo:

1. Syeda Urooj Fatima

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The other day I read “I’ve found that growing up means being honest. About what I want. What I need. What I feel. Who I am.” -This year, even tho it barely started, came with the utter realisation that being comfortably honest to yourself about how you feel saved me from alot of little heart breaks. It also taught me that no emotion is negative. That, to feel angry or jealous or having the fear of missing out is completely positive and a form of human nature and one can not embrace- accept or overcome it by associating negativity and contempt with it. By digesting and addressing a supposedly negative emotion directly, I overcame it. I made peace. With it and the person it was projected towards. I also learned that people, no matter how close or how loved, will knowingly or unknowingly pour toxic into your veins and deprive you of your happiness. And as much as you might owe them a confrontation, at one point you have to get over it. Get over them. The fear of losing something or somebody you’ve known for a while, more importantly keeping quiet and bottling up for that very fear will hollow you out like a straw and then you’ll feel the pain as if every breath hurting a broken rib. Ignorance gets you no where and it might feel like this very second might not pass but up until now, all seconds have and will. Breathe. Have faith. Take a nap. 🌸 -Dress @sapphirepakistan pop collection in ‘color dream’ -picture: @fasi.asad

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A final year dental student, Urooj started her account when she was only in her 2nd year of med school. Since then, she’s quickly gained an audience who not only adore her super great style plus pretty makeup looks but are also super supportive of her deeply vulnerable and honest captions in which she pours her heart out to her followers. I personally also love her for being a staunch activist of mental health and the rights of trans and specially-abled people and can’t help but fangirl over how awesome she is.

2. Sabeena Syed

The Parwaaz Hai Janoon starlet isn’t just making major waves in the film industry but she’s also juggling college at the prestigious Indus Valley School of Arts in Karachi. When she’s not shooting her latest drama or chilling with fellow celeb BFF Hania Aamir, Sabeena is blessing us with her fearless style game on her Instagram and we can’t help but fall in love with her even more than we already do.

3. Dawer Khan

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Last bit of summer in Istanbul // Turkey aur Mai

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Ace photographer and filmmaking wonder kid, Dawer has already earned a name for himself by shooting with major brands and industry bigwigs like Hareem Farooq and Mikaal Zulfiqar while only being in his third semester at NCA. He’s also my latest style crush.

4. Sara Zahid

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nothing like all white on a winter afternoon ❄️

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Effortlessly chic and endlessly classy – this style diva just oozes sophistication and we can’t stop drooling over her amazing wardrobe. Can I borrow a piece…or two… or the entire closet, Sara?

5. Fatima Sajjad

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//Lahore to Lucknow//

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With an amalgamation of all things fashion, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle plus food related, Fatima’s Instagram truly is perfect for enjoying all types of content. The true embodiment of beauty and grace, this BioSciences major is also my favorite for always keeping it a hundred with her followers and only promoting products and brands that she truly believes in. We LOVE an honest KWEEN!

6. Noor Unnahar

Definitely not your average 21-year-old, Noor is tremendously talented and already has TWO immensely popular books-“Yesterday I Was The Moon” and “Find Your Voice – The Journal” under her name. Her creative expression is beautifully illuminated in her deeply provocative and meaningful Instagram posts that feature her moving poetry and artistic photographs.

7. Areeba Siddique

Bright, creative and wonderfully original; Areeba is the identical twin sister of the uber talented Noor Unnahar. Unlike her sister, Areeba’s Instagram aesthetic is more reflective of pop culture and art rather than poetry and I’m a huge fan of her stunning illustrations.

8. Eesha Assad

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On this day I was kinda really sick with a fever and cough and flu and all that jazz, downing joshanda shots every hour. While I was waiting for my turn for hair and makeup my throat was killing me, too much to even talk. So I left the hall and went to the reception, where I found a waiter who I asked to please get me a cup of hot water + salt. I made this magical gharara mixture and proceeded to the washroom to do sum fun ghararas. So I enter full with this “model” entry card tag thingy around my neck, in my high heels, and inside are a bunch of aunties doing their makeup who see me rush straight to one of the toilets. I proceed to do my ghararas in there for like 10 minutes and sort of choke on a couple of them, as one does…🤷‍♀️ I’m done so I go wash my hands and then walk out…all aunties staring at me throughout…giving me such weird looks…I’m so sure they thought I was some stereotypical cocaine addict bulimic model vomiting her guts out pre fashion show…this post is dedicated to you 6 aunties that I AM IN FACT NOT, OKAY!!! I WAS JUST USING UR DESI TOTKA TO FIX MY THROAT WHICH FYI HELPED A LOT!!! I ACTUALLY HAD 6 HUGE SLICES OF PIZZA OVER THE DAY JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE FREE!! Ok thx bai also swipe left to see me on the news for 3 whole seconds 😂😂 Oh and outfit by @natashakamalofficial styled by @meheksaeed!! 🙂 #justwalkindownthestreet#goingtobuysomemilk#nobiggie#chillin#pantenehairwalk#bridalcoutureweek#24news??

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When Eesha isn’t attending classes at LUMS, she’s slaying it in front of the cameras, shooting for big fashion brands such as Elan and Sana Safinaz. Serving us just the right amount of edge and glamor in her Insta posts, Eesha isn’t afraid to be unapologetically goofy either (just check out her lol-worthy captions) and I absolutely love her for it.

9. Sanya Shehzad

Her soulful vocals and deeply angelic voice have me head-over-heels for this Islamabad native. Her Instagram primarily features her latest covers and she’s recently started putting out original songs too and I can’t help but be excited about what’s next for this talented superstar.

10. Syed Saad Shahid

Minimalistic photographs with an emphasis on silhouettes and landscape – Saad’s Instagram aesthetic is every design students dream. The architecture major balances his time between Islamabad and Khobar and blesses his followers with his wonderfully artsy photographs from both cities frequently.

11. Ibrahim Alavi

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Meet Fawad! Last year we shot for 55 days of intense daily routines which were both mentally and physically draining. I've always been shy of publicly promoting my art, but this is something i put my heart into. We've worked so hard on this, to see it all come together is absolutely surreal! I learned so much from this experience, made so many life long friends and made some of the best memories that i'll carry with me for life. Thankyou @jafriazfar for being the coolest first director anyone could have asked for! You made it so much easier. @armeenakhanofficial i will never have enough words to express our bond, you have my unconditioned support for life. @sabeekaimam why are you so cool? you radiate positivity and your presence made the whole dubai spell so much more fun! @mikaalzulfiqar i've learnt so much from you, thankyou for being so humble, supportive and down to earth! @hassanniazi_official i became such a fan of your work ethic and your talent is beyond any amount of words i can put here. @hassaan_jalal would any of this have been even possible without you being there? haha. @rikibutland your words that night in dubai truly moved me and i'm grateful that i won't ever block anyone's light ever again because of you, haha!@mahnoorkhan55 thankyou for always looking out for me, and being professional always, I appreciate it so much! @ali.612 @belalshahid @pashali.muhammad @ajafri_ @hurrairaansari @malikaqeelmaq @mubsherbhatti you guys!! you all were basically my life on set! thankyou for all the memories. ❤️ Lastly, thankyou @nomaankhanpk and @nossheenkhann for believing in me to play this part. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and i hope i did it justice. There are so many names missing here! Sherdil is the hard work of hundreds of people who worked day and night for a whole year to bring this to life. I can not thank the entire crew enough for their dedication and hard work towards the project. Sherdil comes out this Friday, 22nd! Take your friends and families and go support pakistani cinema! See you at the movies. #sherdil

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While most college kids get jobs once they graduate, Ibrahim went for the alternate route and actually went ahead and shot an entire feature film in his gap year! He’s currently studying at Habib University and I love catching up with his Insta stories that highlight his life as an upcoming actor and also his adventures as a Communications and Design student.

12. Laiba Ara

Almost every other person has a DSLR these days but simply owning one doesn’t magically make you a photographer. It requires skill and talent – both tools that Laiba is definitely blessed with. Her bright and vibrant photographs basically appear otherworldly and she creates nothing less than magic from her lenses. You NEED to check her page out.

13. Shafa Khan

For most college students, the freshmen 15 is an inevitable part of 1st year and despite wanting to shed off those extra kgs, somehow it never happens for us. (it’s not me, it’s McDonald’s okay?) Unlike his peers, Shafa is a die-hard gym buff and his Instagram is filled with motivational tips and tricks on how to get those rock hard abs. Following him won’t get you a 6-pack immediately but it will make you think twice before munching on that 2nd slice of pizza and that’s a victory on its own, isn’t it?

14. Merub Ali

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you cant sit with us

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Every time you scroll through the super adorable Merub’s Instagram you’ll be indulged in a wave of envy for sure. Not only is she constantly partying with her celeb friends or modeling for top fashion brands, she’s undeniably gorgeous and I can’t help but wish I was living her life.

15. Saad Khakwani

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Got a lot of cool spots we can go

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Not only is Saad a massively popular Instagrammer but he also enjoys a huge following on Youtube and is also a dental student at a renowned university in Lahore. He takes super cool pictures and you need to follow him ASAP.

16. Maham Nauman

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Part 1// i fear the unbecoming. arms crossed, head bent and trembling, i beg it not to end: i do not know any life but this. — when i wonder how long i must remain, i think of how this will all collapse one day. the moon will tear itself apart, the planets will fling themselves into the sun, existence will cry itself to sleep and the stars will disintegrate. one day, the world will fall off the map of the universe, our sun— forgotten. the earth will crack in halves with misery, the way i do each day. but the universe? the colossal charting of space and time, unable to be governed by any laws? it will go on. — so tell me, darling. what are you and i, in the grander scheme of things? today? now, and forever? nothing.

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Her somber pictures plus gut-wrenchingly emotional poetry would typically have you label Maham’s Instagram as dark and dreary, but her hilarious Insta-stories about life at med school will keep you wholly entertained and this is one account that fulfils both the drama and comedy quota.

17. Izzah Shaheen Malik

Izzah might be a business studies student by day but a superstar photographer and videographer by night. Her pictures are hauntingly beautiful with an ethereal quality about them and kinda make me wanna give up my first born child just to get some pictures taken by her. (Just kidding…kinda)

18. Saad

From sketching to digital painting, Saad is an expert when it comes to creating art. I can only wish I was half as talented as he is.

19. Raja Sarosh Sohaib

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Breathe. 🌹 #throwbackthursday

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A budding journalist, Sarosh’s Instagram is truly a treasure trove for all kinds of content. From interviews to fitness selfies to just chilling sessions with friend’s, his profile truly has it all. Also, I recommend following him for cute doggy pics, alone. I mean LOOK how adorable?

20. Zulfiqar Mannan

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released in December, my last 2018 single was Vanity. Vanity is a weird song; i still have the a capella, depression version of this song on my Facebook page for I wrote it for a broken face and body. the second half of the song i wrote drunk walking alone on a rainy tokyo street. listen, boys can sometimes be really, really mean in love. it’s not because they’re terrible people as much as they’re taught to prioritise self-preservation above all. love is only the unkindest victim of this discipline. we use the word vanity to discredit the self-preservation or constitution of a lot of women/femme individuals. a sexy woman is a sexy woman to be feasted upon: a sexy woman with her front camera out is vain, stupid, juvenile. i find vanity in manual cars, in gym trips and expensive watches, in rigid rules, in selfishness, in chasing after attractiveness, in desperately committing ur life to the goal of making money. you can stream Vanity on all streaming services. are you ready for more? #zulfi #pakistaniartist #ladygaga #pop #music #indiepop #indie #indiemusic #lahore #queer #pakistan #lgbt #feminism #gnc #rap #fashion #makeup #slay

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Zulfi is THE ultimate ICON. I love how fiercely unapologetic they are when it comes to making bold fashion choices and rocking dramatic makeup looks. Whether it’s through the badass pictures they post or the vulnerable and thought-provoking lyrics they write (yes, they create amazing original music too!), Zulfi is truly an inspiration to us all to creatively express ourselves without fear.

21. Hira Attique

When it comes to spotting the latest trends and rocking stylish outfits, no one does it better than Hira Attique. She and her absolutely stunning sister, Hemayal (who also has a pretty bomb Instagram) are pretty much aces when it comes to all things fashion and co-own the supremely popular blog “HerandHem”. Can we just say. “sister goals”?

22. Manahil

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Been reading a lot about this flavour of @manolo_gelato so I went to try it when I got ice cream craving today. So worth it; the flavour is B E R R Y L I C I O U S 🍦It's the perfect berry flavour! So fresh and tangy. The waffle cone was a bit too thin tho so overall I would give it ✨ 3.5/5 ✨ . . Price: Rs. 150/- for one scoop. Branch: @manolo_gelato f-11. . . #icecream #icecreamporn #manologelato #icecreamgelato #manologelatopk #dessertbae #islamabadians #bloggersofinstagram #cheesecakelovers #foodblogsociety #berrylicious #sugarspiceallfoodaintnice #newrecipe #foodblogger #instablogger #instafood #foodreviews #islamabadfood #foodphotography #foodoholic #foodiegram #islamabadfooddiaries #islamabadfoodbloggers #foodismedicine #foodloveistruelove

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Manahil’s Instagram is a beacon of light for all broke college and university students who like good food but don’t have the budget to experiment around. Though she’s based in Islamabad, her page pretty much has food from all around since she travels so much and is the go-to spot for aesthetic food pictures and reliable reviews.

23. Fahya Naghman

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Women hear bs everyday in schools, uni, work place, home, family gatherings etc. Being in a medical profession, I’ve also heard some AMAZING things that make me want to slap myself into another dimension. Here are some exceptional ones that have been said to me and other women around me, for your amusement 🙂: 🔹surgeon kaise bano gi bache bohot neglect hojayein ge (can we wait till I graduate pls?🙃) 🔹larkion ko Sirf lady doctor bana suit karta hai, sawab bhi milta hai aur extended family ke kaam bhi aye ga (bcz I will be free dai🙃) 🔹Man this doctor (female) is amazing. Poora mard hain Woh (says a dumb unaccomplished mard doctor) 🔹Agar itni personal problems hain (aka pregnancy) tou medicine kyun Ki? Kisi bechare larke se seat cheenli. 🔹Women aren’t opressed. Nobody’s oppressed. It’s just in your head (ummm wtf?) 🔹you look like someone who should be in art school (kyun Bhai? Ajeeb) . . There’s so many other things that I can’t even recall that we hear everyday. What are some thing you’ve heard, being a woman in your field?

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She’s smart, stylish and supremely suave. I WISH all my doctors were as fab as Fahya.

24. Anya Siddiqui

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“Why do you lift weights?” “You’re a girl, you don’t need to be that strong?” “Lifting weights will make you look manly” “You’ll damage your joints” “When you stop lifting weights, you’ll get even more fat” 🤦‍♂️ • • One word; BULLSHIT 💩 • • Pumping up some iron does none of these awful things instead makes you healthier and stronger. When majority of the women in our society think of a workout plan for themselves, what’s the first thing that comes to their minds? “Treadmill, elliptical, Skipping, running, brisk walk etc” basically, cardio. As important as cardio is for a healthy heart, strictly sticking to cardio only will halt your progress. Adding in a good combo of some lifting sessions mixed with cardio and HIIT will help you reach your goals faster 🏃 and here’s why: • • You continue to burn fat even AFTER a lifting session. • • Muscle contractions burn more calories. More lifting=More muscle contractions= Do the math. • • Simply cardio will help you lose fat but all that muscle as well making your body look flat and all your curves? Gone 😔 • • Lifting weights increases your energy levels by the day so make sure you continue to make your workout more challenging as you develop strength. • • Here’s the fun part. I’ve always been told, lifting weights will screw my joints up. Well, turns out, it’s the exact opposite. Strength training actually DECREASES the risk of osteoporosis in women by preventing loss of bone mass. • • This I say with 100% experience, lifting is the BEST way to de-stress. Not in the best mood? Wanna punch someone in the face? About to have a breakdown? LIFT LIFT LIFT IT OUT! 💪🏼 • • Laydiz, get yourself them dumbbells and barbells and start lifting. Ps. Lifting weight does not mean directly head for a 100kg deadlift. Start with a weight you are comfortable with (i started with 2kg dumbells) and keep increasing as you develop strength • • Also, please please PLEASE make sure you know what you’re doing and watch your form or you’ll end up severely injured (trust me when I say this coz I’m still recovering from a lat injury).

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The best of us struggle with having the discipline of working out regularly and eating healthy. So, watching Anya breeze through med school while being fitness goals is nothing less than awe-inspiring. Not only that, but she’s also the founder of a widely successful online fitness organization and a certified expert on health and nutrition. Some people really can do it all, huh?

25. Momina Munir

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wut u lookin at 🤪

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She’s insanely cute, wildly sarcastic and ridiculously hilarious! Youtube’s latest sensation, Momina Munir is also creating quite an uproar on social media with her adorable pictures and you NEED to follow her ASAP.

26. Zoha Zuberi

Nobody does bohemian chic better than Zoha Zuberi. A style icon in her own right, she’s also a fabulous model. Did I also mention how she has the voice of an actual angel? Ultimate girl crush for sure.

27. Aleena Khan

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Basically Pakistan’s very own Blair Waldorf, Aleena is just impeccably classy and elegant. From her stunning OOTD on red carpets to her majorly FOMO inducing epic vacay pics, her Instagram literally looks like the profile of a Gossip Girl character and I can’t help but wish I was her friend.

28)  Shadab Safdar

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It's been like 6 days since I left Islamabad but I can't take Islamabad out of my heart and I'm not sure if thats ever gonna happen. So i thought to write this little letter to the Capital City. DEAR ISLAMABAD, I want to thank you for everything, for giving me all these beautiful memories in the last almost 5 years, i was 16 back then when I got there, I'm 21 now. These past years have been a roller coaster ride for me. I want to thank Islamabad for making me the person I am today, for making me understand life and learn each and every single day, I wanna Thankyou for making me let go things which really didnt matter, i want to Thankyou for getting me the best of friends I can ever have, for making me meet such Amazing, beautiful, and super talented people who helped me build confidence and made me much wiser then I ever was. I want to Thankyou for making me realise who I am and what I want to do in my life. I cant ever forget the beautiful mountains and trails I used to go every Weekend. Sitting up there on the top of the city and the cold wind hits you right at the face with the birds chirping at the back, i would want you all to have that experience in your life. The beautiful looking and yummy dhaabaz which are very ecnomical i swear and all the pretty cafes in almost every corner of the city and the choas there, i can never forget all of that. I MISS YOU ISLAMABAD. -SHADAB . . . #islamic_republic_of_pakistan #travelpeacefulpakistan #travelbeautifulpakistan #etribune #dawndotcom #everydaypakistan #picturepakistan #margallahills #travel #trippieredd #passionpassport #travellingthroughtheworld #beautifuldestinations #aesthetic #menfashionpost #streetfashion #streetmobs #lookbook #streetwear #menwithstreetstyle #flashh_pakistan #vscopk #portraitpage #instagram #islamabad

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A supremely talented photographer AND singer, Shadab Safdar is currently enrolled in SZABIST, Karachi. He just moved from Islamabad, so following his Instagram can be quite insightful as he explores Karachi from a different perspective.

29. Minahil Danyal

Minahil’s Instagram is an excellent display of her illustration skills and her impeccable sense of design. She takes everyday pictures and doodles on them to turn them into her very own masterpieces.

So, how many of these super cool college/university students do you follow? Did we miss any of your faves? Let us know in the comments.


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