A 12-Year-Old Hindu Girl From Sindh Was Raped And People Are Asking For Justice

By Noor | 8 Jun, 2019

Recently, a case has surfaced that revolves around a 12-year old Hindu girl, Jamna, who was gang-raped after being intoxicated. Sources state that the girl belongs to the Hindu community and she lived in a small district in the province of Sindh. It is being said that the incident reportedly took place on the third day of Eid. After the little girl was sexually assaulted by two men, she was left in a cricket ground in the district. The images and the videos that have surfaced are extremely disturbing.

Source: @KDSindhi/Twitter

A video of the girl in the hospital is also circulating on the social media

The images of the girl clearly show that the girl was subjected to severe torture before the incident actually took place.

Here’s the video of Jamna’s father, who narrated the entire incident 

It is being said that the medical staff in the Hyderabad hospital did not take the case seriously and instead accused the girl of not cooperating with them. People have been pointing out that the girl was under the effect of intoxicants and in a state like that, she couldn’t possibly be expected to cooperate with the staff.

According to sources, the culprits have been arrested and an FIR has been registered against them

Approximately, more than 22000 child rape cases have been reported in Pakistan and sources state that a 32% increase in such cases has occurred in the year 2018.

Such incidents clearly show that there’s a major lapse when it comes to protecting our children. Incidents like these happen, we attend vigils and everyone jumps in to speak their mind, but all conversations fizzle out till the next victim surfaces.

Since the girl belongs to a minority group, it is also really important to highlight the fact that minorities in Pakistan are also suffering. It’s become all-too-easy easy to overlook cases of forced conversions, abductions, and other rape or assault cases that stem from a lack of tolerance, but the fact is that this is a reality within the fabric of our country’s existence.

The horrendous act that has drastically impacted little Jamna’s life should not only be condemned but should also serve as a wakeup call to all naysayers and those in denial. And this is exactly what is happening all over the social media. People are expressing their thoughts regarding the incident and are also asking the higher authorities to provide the girl with justice.

People have been discussing how difficult it is to be a woman in Pakistan as well.

This stands true, given the cases of rape, assault, and murder that have come to light in the past month alone – a Holy month of peace and tolerance.

People stated that in order to curb this menace, it’s important to severely punish the culprits.

Women mentioned even mentioned that it’s incidents like these that make them come out on the streets and march.

People are urging higher authorities to intervene and are asking them to set a precedent to prove that a responsible government is capable enough to protect ALL its citizens, irrespective of their faith

A lot of them have been stating that Jamna is the daughter of Pakistan and no discrimination based upon her religion should be brought into the discussion

They even mentioned that before criticizing the inhumane treatment of Indian Muslims, Pakistanis first need to see what’s happening back home.

Pakistan is fighting with an avalanche of such cases in a society where sex education is still a taboo. As a country, we have come a long way but there’s a lot more that needs to be done. Stern action should be taken against the culprits and all the people involved in this particular incident. The entire situation is extremely traumatizing and we hope that Jamna gets justice as soon as possible.



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